Silver plating refers to the process of covering a conductive surface with silver to prevent corrosion while adding a lustrous shine to it. Not that silver plating is all about looks and it certainly doesn’t mean second on the podium either. In fact, it’s the best metal for conducting electricity which makes it a popular choice for electronics and semiconductors. We believe that silver plating is a critical component of modern technology and will continue to grow.

Silver Plating Applications

Of all the metals, silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity with the lowest contact resistance. Silver plating is the primary choice for electroplating industrial applications, particularly electrical connectors. Silver plates copper really well so high frequency conductivity is achieved which also controls oxidation.

Due to its functionality, reliability and adaptability, silver plating is widely used in military, aerospace, medical and automotive sectors. Other industries that benefit from silver plating include telecommunications, jewelry and flatware. Microwave and satellite companies prefer using silver to carry high frequency signals and to reduce the amount of heat generated.

High temperature resistance and the lubricity allow engine manufacturers to use silver instead of lubricants. It can be on bearing surfaces and anti-galling applications such as bearings or gear teeth exposed to high temperatures. This particularly applies to cars, jet engines and auxiliary power units where lubricants could fail.

Benefits of Silver Plating

Precious metals don’t oxidise which means silver is not on the list. As far as the industry is concerned though, it certainly is a precious metal to them. Plating has many benefits which we’ve already mentioned but below is a brief recap:

  • highest electrical and thermal conductivity
  • lowest contact resistance
  • superior lubricity and heat resistant
  • corrosion resistant
  • easy cleaned and polished
  • decorative appeal
  • increases solderability
  • more cost effective than gold or platinum

PRV Engineering Plating Facility

We pride ourselves in the fact that all of the high precision capabilities we offer our clients not only take place in-house, but are also controlled in-house. The plating facility we invested in some years ago is a demonstration of our determination to maintain this policy and produce the highest quality finished product. Specialising in tin and silver plating, our facility is just another step in the right direction.

Finishing certainly is one of the most important aspects in the engineering sector. Even components carefully machined to the highest of standards and tightest specifications can still be scrapped if the finishing is not up to standard. It’s one of the reasons that PRV prefers to do as much manufacturing as possible in-house.

One of our biggest niches is busbars and some industry experts believe tin and silver outshine any other metals as far as finishing is concerned. Everyone may not agree but this is exactly why having our plating facility that does both, makes perfect sense.

Watch this space as we continue to invest and strive to stay at the forefront of precision engineering. Get in touch if you have any questions about the silver plating facility or if you need a quote on a project.


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