Plating provides many benefits to products made from metal and other materials. It not only improves corrosion resistance and decorative appeal, but also increases solderability, enhances strength, reduces friction and alters conductivity. Plating can also help with paint adhesion.

Silver and tin plating are essential for parts that are designed to carry heavy electrical currents and are also viewed as being critical to modern technology.

Silver plating
Like gold, silver is used in plating applications that call for decorative appeal and improved electrical conductivity. In general, silver serves as a more cost-effective plating solution because it is cheaper than gold and plates copper well.

Tin Plating

Tin can be effective for applications that require non-toxicity, high ductility, good solderability and improved resistance to corrosion. These advantages are most helpful in the electronics industry and food processing industry.

Here at PRV Engineering we pride ourselves in the fact that all of the high precision capabilities we offer our clients not only take place in-house, but are controlled in-house too. The new plating facility in which we have invested, is another demonstration of our determination to maintain this policy and to maintain the high quality of the finished product

Securing our Busbar Business

Silver and Tin plating are essential finishes for components that are designed to carry heavy electrical currents – like our Busbar business. By investing in our own new plating facility, we at PRV Engineering are guaranteeing both our clientele and ourselves the ability to have more control over prices and lead times.

Capping Price Increases

Raw materials continue to be volatile commodities in today’s economic climate. When a company is reliant on outside contractors for certain operations, they put themselves at the mercy of those suppliers. Sudden increases in the price of raw materials tend to get handed straight down the line. However, by taking out the middle man, PRV can absorb certain increases, or at least minimise any amount that has to be passed on.

Simon Jones, CEO of PRV Engineering said; “We have been trading for over 27 years and are now one of the fastest growing high precision engineering machining specialists in Europe.”

“We have an aggressive investment policy and fully intend to continue in that vein. Our order book continues to grow and this stabilisation to our Busbar business via the investment in our new plating facility, helps to convince our clients that we are here for the long term.”

“If there is any one thing that is responsible for our success here at PRV Engineering, it’s our policy on quality. We operate a zero tolerance policy on rejects. It underpins everything that we do. Our new plating facility is testament to this ideal.”

“Finishing is the final operation prior to final inspection, and it’s one that has to be right. There is no better way of controlling quality than by doing it yourself, and our new plating facility allows us to do just that.”

If you want to contact Simon or ask any questions about the plating facility or if you simply want a quote for some work that you need doing, contact us.

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