The year has started well with good news about the manufacturing economy. Indicators show that things continued to improve throughout 2014 and the trend is likely to continue into 2015. However, there are still concerns about a shortage of engineers in the UK.

PRV Engineering pride ourselves on being pro active in the industry. We keep an eye on trends and developments to make sure that we can provide the best service possible to our existing clients while attracting new ones at the same time. We want to stay at the cutting edge of engineering.

Continued investment in machinery and staff, means we get the best from both. We keep down time to a minimum, our operations effective and give the best customer service possible. We also continue to expand into wider markets due to our investment in state of the art CNC and 5 axis milling machines.

For example, we noticed some time ago we were being passed work by other deep hole drilling companies because their clients wanted more than just the holes drilling. They also wanted to get their heat treatment and plating done at the same time; something PRV Engineering can offer. Keeping our eye on developments and making sure we were equipped to deal with such requests meant we were ahead of the game.

PRV Engineering Site ConstructionSimilarly, back in 2013 PRV introduced our own steel framework fabrication and concreting service. We needed to extend the factory and after getting the drawings and specifications done by qualified architects CEO Simon Jones decided to take the bull by the horns and complete the project in house. We had the equipment, the suppliers and materials, and the staff with the expertise in place – it seemed the logical thing to do. In addition, we had complete control of the project ourselves.

PRV engineering Site constructionMost companies looking to have an extension or new buildings erected tend to go to traditional construction companies. But there aren’t many companies that can offer a complete build. Most outsource some part of the project and some even outsource it all, taking only a project management role. So, having completed our own build successfully, PRV decided to offer the service to other companies giving them an option that’s likely to save them money.

  • Step 1 – Design & specification by a qualified architect
  • Step 2 – Steel framework and concrete service from PRV Engineering
  • Step 3 – Cladding company to clad the framework

PRV engineering – the One Stop Shop

Being a ‘One Stop Shop’ also means that we can provide a personal service on any project from start to finish; from design to completion. We are able to provide a complex and diverse range of products and services to our customers. They, in turn, can satisfy their requirements from a single source. We thrive on the challenge of the unusual and set ourselves the highest standards to work to.

CEO Simon Jones says “ For PRV Engineering it’s about quality and value for money. Whatever it is we do, our prices are competitive and we have a customer service record that’s the envy of the engineering sector”

By investing and adding to our services we hope to remain one of the top market leaders in the industry

So whether it’s space vehicles, formula 1 racing cars, defence projects, railway work or steel structures, PRV Engineering look forward to meeting the challenges that 2015 has to bring.

If you’ve got questions about the services we offer, get in touch.

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