Why Structural Steel Framework Is Number One

structural steelStructural steel is a type of steel used in construction and manufacturing. It has been the primary choice for most builders, engineers, contractors and structural steel fabricators. So many industries rely on steel products and fabrication services due its quality and reliability.

PRV Engineering has been supplying structural steelwork and steel fabrications into the construction industry for over twenty years. We manufacture and install high quality products including bespoke platforms, balconies, balustrades and handrails in both mild steel and stainless steel. Continue reading

Design and construction of single storey buildings

Steel framework imageSingle storey buildings are by far the largest sector of the UK structural steelwork market, representing nearly two thirds of total activity.

These buildings are typically used for workshops, factories, industrial warehouses, distribution warehouses and retail warehouses. Referred to colloquially as ‘Sheds’ sizes vary from small workshops of just a few thousand square feet up to distribution warehouses covering over one million square feet.

Similar construction techniques are used in all of these buildings with Industrial type buildings usually having relatively simple elevations with metal cladding panels, either full height or down to a brickwork dado rail. Retail developments and other statement projects tend to have much more complex elevational treatments, incorporating various materials and features and using combinations of cladding panels with different orientations, profiles and colours. Continue reading

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