Excellence in the supply chain

supply chain machinery imageYour supply chain is your way of getting your goods or services to end consumers from obtaining raw materials to delivering the final product. The size of a supply chain will depend on the type of business you are. Small businesses may not have too many suppliers to deal with, where as a large or multi national company may have hundreds of suppliers to manage on a daily basis.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is all about optimising your business operations to ensure speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Today, ethical sourcing and sustainability also play a major part in decisions about supply chain partners. The wider economic and environmental issues are a factor for many companies when considering applicants to their supply chain, as well as how the applicant manages their own business. Your values and how you perform as a business is just as important as your ability to deliver an end product. Continue reading

3D Printing in Space

£D prining in space NASA imageBack at the end of 2014, the world was amazed to hear from NASA about the final test phase of a 3D printer in space. The printer, which had been used on the ground prior to its launch into space, went to the International Space Station on a resupply vessel in September of 2014. A ratchet wrench printed from a design file transmitted from the ground was completed in December. The wrench along with a number of other things printed was then sent back to earth in 2015 for rigorous testing.

In December 2015 another resupply vessel went up to the International Space Station and on board this time was the European contribution to 3D printing in space – a Portable on Board 3D printer. The printer, measuring 25cm on each side and weighing just 5,5kg prints objects made from polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is a plastic that is made from renewable resources and is also biocompatible and biodegradable. It was built by Altran Italia in partnership with Thales Alenia Space and the Italian Institute of Technology under the direction of the Italian Space Agency, ASI. Continue reading

Low maintenance resources could be costing you money

machinery maintenance equipment exampleWhatever industry you’re if you are running machinery it’s essential that it’s maintained and serviced regularly. If this doesn’t happen you leave yourself open to mechanical failures, delayed deadlines and ultimately loss of income or lost customers.

Despite manufacturers knowing this a report at the end of last year from Bosch Rexroth in conjunction with the Institute of Engineering and Technology revealed that the maintenance budgets of more than 50% of the responding manufacturers had stagnated or even reduced over the last 5 years.

This is a worrying statistic when you consider that many manufacturers have not only increased the amount of machinery and equipment they use, but that machinery has also increased in complexity. Continue reading

UK Car Manufacturing at a 10 Year High

car manufacturing assembly lineCast your mind back a few months to all the bad news surfacing in the automotive industry and you would be forgiven for expecting to see reports saying that 2015 was a bad year for the industry.

There were product recalls due to faulty airbag units which impacted the likes of Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Honda. Then there was the Volkswagen emissions scandal. At the end of 2015 it was estimated that 11 million cars were recalled due to the emissions issues alone and UK sales of some of its brands fell sharply in October and November.

However, despite these problems throughout the year, the UK car manufacturing industry has continued to do well and is re-establishing a reputation for quality, manufacturing excellence and innovation. So well in fact, that it hit a 10 year high in 2015 and exported more vehicles than ever before. Continue reading

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2016

Southern manufacturing and electronics show logoIn a few weeks time, from the 9th to the 11th of February the Show Centre at Farnborough will again be hosting the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show.

The show is one of Europe’s top events in engineering technology. It has over 800 exhibitors and showcases an incredible array of machinery, electronics, components and production hardware as well as specialist engineering services.

PRV Engineering be attending the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show again this year and will be located on stand S86.

The show attracts engineering sub contractors from across Europe and there will be live demonstrations of the latest technologies and tools and examples of every kind of component as well as complete automation solutions. You’ll be able to see every kind of production aid from hand tools to CAD/CAM software and there’ll even be industrial furniture, flooring and lighting. Basically, if you want o improve efficiency, increase profitability and grow your business, Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2016 is for you. Continue reading