CNC Waterjet Cutting Services In The UK

CNC waterjet cutting

CNC Waterjet cutting uses a high-pressure jet of water as a cutting tool instead of a heat source, like a flame, plasma and laser cutting. The process involves special CAD software guiding the machine to cut a specific part according to a pre-loaded design.

All materials can be cut by the same CNC Waterjet cutting machine, from soft rubber and plastics to the hardest metals and ceramics. This is hugely beneficial for companies who work within several sectors requiring different materials for various applications.

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Is Concentrated Solar Power The Next Big Thing?

Over the years, Microsoft’s Bill Gates has been involved in many interesting projects but this one seems pretty special. He is backing a start-up which has recently made a breakthrough in concentrated solar power (CSP). This also means there could be massive potential for industrial green energy.

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Interesting Developments In Advanced Robotics

advanced robotics

If you consider where we were in the year 2000 and where we are today, our younger selves would be pleasantly surprised and perhaps somewhat terrified. Who would’ve thought robots would be building robots or advanced robotics systems operating entire production lines in the automotive sector, among others?

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What Does The Future Factory Look Like?

future factory

Smog and smoke-filled skies have long been the portrayed image of industry but that’s all changing. Beneath that popular stereotype is a plethora of innovation as new technologies are replacing those of yester-year, paving the way for the future factory.

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How To Create A Resilient Supply Chain

supply chain management

The current mindset within supply chain management is all about resilience. Manufacturers should understand what the concept means and where to invest so they can create a more resilient supply chain. Why is this important? For starters, it can help companies respond faster to potentially expensive disruptions and recover from it while limiting the damage.

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