5 Axis metal cutting and additive manufacturing in one

5 axis machinePRV engineering like to move with the times and have invested heavily over the last few years in more modern, improved 5 axis machines. We keep an eye on developments as we want to be able to provide the best service possible.

There are a whole host of reasons why 5 axis machining improves our service. These range from overall time reductions in production to better drilling and programming.
However, technology and development moves on and the latest development is in additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing (increasingly being known by the more common term 3D printing) is the process of making 3D objects from data by joining successful layers of materials. Continue reading

Battery powered trains are back

woman on railway platformAt a time when development within the rail industry is gathering pace, battery powered trains are poised to make a comeback. Battery powered trains have been used for around 100 years, but expanded use has been held back by battery technologies.

Now, the first passenger train of its kind in over 50 years has recently undergone a five-week trial in a bid to prove the viability of more eco-friendly alternatives to diesel-powered locomotives.

Back in 2013, The Independently Powered Electric Multiple Unit (IPEMU) came into force. It draws power from overhead lines and then lowers its pantograph to allow it to run on its batteries instead, so enabling it to run over non electrified lines. The challenge was in finding an effective energy storage system or battery.

2 years and much development later,  the IPEMU will now run a weekday service between Harwich International and Manningtree stations in Essex. Continue reading

Good news for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

swansea bay There was further good news for The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon plan this week.

The £1billion tidal lagoon plan now has full equity funding following a decision by InfraRed Capital Partners to pump up to £100m into the project.

Led by Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd, the project is expected to generate around 500GWh of electricity every year for 120 years, helping to save more than 236,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

The project will also create almost 2000 jobs.

Werner von Guionneau, chief executive, InfraRed Capital Partners, said: “We are proud to be playing a key role in securing the future of this world-leading renewable energy project.

“The power station is unique in that it not only leverages the estuary’s second highest tidal range in the world, but it will also make a material contribution towards both the local economy in South Wales and the long term stability of sustainable energy supply in the UK.”

It is the second piece of positive news for the tidal lagoon project, within the space of three months. At the end of 2014, the plan was named in the National Infrastructure Plan published ahead of the chancellor’s Autumn Statement. Continue reading

The Importance of Machinery Maintenance

machinery maintenance equipment exampleFor many companies, machinery maintenance is seen as boring and dirty but machinery maintenance is something that should not be taken lightly. Your ability to run an effective lean manufacturing business is reliant upon the effective and efficient running of your machinery.

While the cost of a regular maintenance plan may initially feel like as though it’s costly, it will be nowhere near as costly as a major equipment breakdown resulting in an inability to continue with production or service. Continue reading

UK rail industry gets huge boost

railway_stationThe United Kingdom’s rail industry can afford to smile with the news that the first completed pre-series Class 800 train is on its way.

The train, built by Hitachi in Japan, is the first of a fleet of 122 trains set for the Great Western Main Line and the East Coast Main Line, as part of the Department for Transport’s Intercity Express programme.

Even better news for the rail industry in the UK is that the bulk of the fleet will be manufactured in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. The factory is currently under construction and will employ over 700 staff.

Simon Jones, managing director of PRV Engineering www.prv-engineering.co.uk said; “It’s good news all round for the rail industry and manufacturing industry in the UK.”

The current pre-series Class 800 comprises many parts and components, manufactured here in the UK. Continue reading