Structural steel is a type of steel used in construction and manufacturing. It has been the primary choice for most builders, engineers, contractors and structural steel fabricators. So many industries rely on steel products and fabrication services due its quality and reliability.

PRV Engineering has been supplying structural steelwork and steel fabrications into the construction industry for over twenty years. We manufacture and install high quality products including bespoke platforms, balconies, balustrades and handrails in both mild steel and stainless steel.

Key Benefits of Structural Steel

Structural steel is ductile which means it has the ability to withstand stress for long periods of time and bend without breaking.  Adding to that, structural steel is malleable, and tensile which makes it easy to work with. It’s also reusable and easily recyclable without affecting its properties making it a great eco-friendly option.

Speedy Construction Process

Steel structures can be built much faster since the components are fabricated offsite and brought back partly assembled. The buildings can immediately be used as it does not require setting and curing like concrete. Steel frames are adaptable and the designs are easily changed or modernised.

More Cost Effective

Using steel frames deliver time savings without compromising standards. Less time spent on building means lower project costs. Because steel frames don’t apply much weight and force, the foundation can be smaller which could help the budget. Storage costs are also minimal as some components are only brought onsite once fabricated. Another saving is made in waste management due to steelwork fabrication done to specific measurements and design.

Improved Durability and Safety

Steel frameworks are made with exact precision ensuring the highest standards and safer building practices. This leaves no question of steel’s durability.

  • Steel is resistant to adverse weather and remains rust-free
  • Strong underwater and does not shrink
  • Fire resistant through the application of intumescent retardants
  • Apply corrosion and weathering resistant during steel framework fabrication
  • Not vulnerable to termites and insects

Combining the expertise of engineers and structural steel fabricators results in the construction of highly reliable structural steel buildings. Structural steel buildings can withstand almost anything and last for over 30 years.

Why Choose PRV Engineering for Structural Steel Fabrication

Here are some advantages when choosing PRV Engineering to do the steel framework fabrication and concreting for a building project.

  • No longer have to choose limited standard sized fabrication templates.
  • Have the ability to tailor the design and project to exact requirements.
  • Exercise closer control over project costs.
  • Have the ability to choose preferred specialist contractors.
  • Don’t have to pay lead contractors mark-ups on services they sub-contract.
  • Have the means to achieve completion deadlines.

A qualified architect should handle design and specification work but you could use an architectural technician instead. Contracts should only be awarded to companies that specialise in structural steel framework fabrication and concreting.

Suppliers and fabricators of structural steel should be certified and have a skilled, well-trained and well-equipped workforce. They must employ the highest standards throughout the entire production chain.

PRV Engineering specialise in and have their own in house steel framework fabrication and concrete service. This means they can use their many years’ experience in steel fabrication and their skilled staff to manage your steel framed building construction from start to finish.

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