Amphibious Unmanned Military Vehicles To The Rescue

Armed forces from around the world have been using unmanned military vehicles and systems for quite some time. Fact is, you can trace most of them back to the First World War, but with the incredible advancements in technology, the part they play on future battlefields will only get bigger.

Of all the impressive unmanned military vehicles, few are as versatile as the new Rex MK II, the brainchild of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). This new addition forms part of IAI’s family of unmanned ground systems and will provide support for ground forces while minimising the loss of life.

Multi-Mission Unmanned Military Vehicles Of The Future

The Rex MK II has many attributes making it easily adaptable to a wide range of ground missions. Not only can it operate on land but it’s also amphibious with a large payload capacity of 1.3 tons. 

That means the Rex MK II is a multi-mission vehicle capable of supporting infantry forces in various stages of combat. This includes transporting munition supplies, medical equipment, water, and food but due to its versatility, it can also be used to evacuate injured personnel. 

Unmanned military vehicles of late have indeed impressed but the Rex MK II takes it up a notch. This version is hybrid electric with all-wheel drive and has the ability to climb obstacles with ease. It operates autonomously with command-and-control capabilities or a single individual can take control at any time remotely.

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Rex MK II Weapons And Systems 

Speaking of unmanned operation, the Rex MK II has some impressive remotely controlled weapons systems. This includes a 7.62 mm machine gun, a 0.50-calibre heavy machine gun and something called “silent watch”. As you might expect from autonomous military vehicles of the future, the Rex MK II can perform stealth missions by running without its engine. It can operate in most environments undetected by enemy forces which gives troops added safety and the element of surprise in combat.

This has to be one of the most compact, versatile unmanned military vehicles as it also comes equipped with a situation-awareness system. It incorporates electro-optical sensors and radar to gather intelligence to give military forces the edge over their enemies. The Rex MK II unmanned land vehicle debuted at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) making quite an impression.

Is The Rex MK II Available Across The Globe?

Companies from around the world have been making autonomous military vehicles for a variety of applications. Whilst some are modular in design or purpose-built for mine clearance, troop transport or fire support, the Rex MK II seems to be an all-in-one vehicle. 

According to Zvika Yarom, general manager of the land division at IAI: “The need to support ground forces in the field to carry out various missions while minimizing threats to soldiers’ lives is at the heart of our values here at Israel Aerospace Industries. This system is based on harnessing our decades-long experience with UAVs, to implement in the world of land vehicles.”

As far as unmanned military vehicles go, customers across the globe are turning to the REX MK II. Based on its ability to be used for a wide range of ground missions with advanced manoeuvrability and the impressive payload, we’re not surprised.

Unmanned Military Vehicles For The UK

Rani Avni, IAI’s deputy general manager for robotics and autonomous systems, confirmed that IAI signed a contract to deliver the vehicle to the UK in the second quarter of the calendar year. As we’ve already established, the company has sold the Rex MK II to other European countries but there’s no indication who the other countries are.

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