The benefits of using various natural energy resources, like tidal energy, cannot be overemphasized.

Whilst burning of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil for creating electricity has led to global warming, the use of natural energy resources will not only ensure that air pollution is reduced, but will lead to a cutting of costs.

The latest development in natural energy resources comes off the coast of south Wales where the first underwater turbine in Ramsey Sound will run for a 12-month trial.

First Minister for Wales, Carwyn Jones has hailed it as a landmark project, creating jobs and helping meet green energy targets.

Cardiff-based developers Tidal Energy Ltd hope it will support the case for a larger scheme involving nine turbines where the devices will, collectively, generate enough power for around 10,000 homes in St Davids.

The underwater turbine will be mounted on a free-standing base to capture the power of the tides, in Ramsey Sound.

Five facts about the Delta Stream Device

  • The DeltaStream device, developed by Tidal Energy Ltd (TEL) weighs 150 tonnes.
  • The device has a 16 metre by 20 metre (23ft by 66ft) frame.
  • It does not require costly drilling into the seabed and has features to minimise impacts on the environment.
  • Tidal Energy Ltd received £8m funding for the project from the European Regional Development Fund.
  • It was match-funded by majority shareholder Welsh renewables company Eco2 Ltd, which will join forces with TEL to install the further devices.

Tidal Energy’s managing director Martin Murphy said: “The imminent launch of DeltaStream, and the supply chain that now exists as a consequence of its development, marks the birth of the tidal industry in Wales.”

First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, said: “This is a landmark project for Wales, which will not only help us to meet our sustainable energy ambitions, but will also provide significant opportunities for local people and businesses.”

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