Secret Behind Continued Success Revealed by PRV Engineering

The secret behind continued success, no matter what the subject matter, is staying ahead of the game. It’s the difference between being mediocre, and being a leader. It’s also what keeps PRV Engineering at the top of the tree as one of Europe’s top high precision machining and engineering service providers.

Be Proactive not Reactive

But the secret behind continued success is not just keeping up with the latest developments; it’s all about being proactive. The majority of businesses tend to be reactive. When a new demand becomes evident, they respond by adding their services to other suppliers also adding theirs. But forward thinking companies like PRV Engineering, use their proactive ability not simply to respond to demand, but to actually create that demand in the first place. How do they do that you may ask? – And the answer is, through their policy of Kaizen.

Interpreting Kaizen

Kaizen is a Japanese business management philosophy. Literally translated, it means improvement or change for better, although western business management recognise it as meaning “continuous improvement”. But PRV Engineering actually take Kaizen to the next level. They know that that is the secret behind continued success. Instead of simply improving on existing processes, as most companies interpret Kaizen to mean, PRV interpret it to mean improving their capacity, and their capabilities too. To them that means being prepared to invest in new plant, machinery, new staff, and staff training.

Staying at the Cutting Edge

PRV Engineering’s latest acquisitions are a Mazak VTC800/30SR 5 Axis Router, and a Mazak Integrex i400 Mill/Turn centre. These machines are representative of PRV’s interpretation of Kaizen in action. Both pieces of plant represent engineering at the cutting edge. (Excuse the pun). The VCT800 5 Axis Router for example is programmed by using Edge CAM Solid Modelling, while to the i400 Milling/Turning Centre enables milling and turning to take place within the one machine – less down time, faster programming, and improved operational speed.

The Secret Behind Continued Success in Action

The fact of the matter is that there are not many examples of this class of high precision engineering machinery in use within the industry. This means that the good old fashioned, but proven, law of supply and demand comes into operation. The paucity of supply creates increased demand. By recognising this and investing in the machinery to supply some of that demand, PRV create new demand for their state of the art precision engineering capability. It’s the secret behind continued success which has driven PRV to become the fastest growing manufacturing company in Wales.

The PRV Engineering Orchestra

But of course it’s not just about having the best plant and equipment. You’ve also got to have the right quality of staff to operate that equipment and get the best out of it. In addition you also need the best quality control practices in place, and the best management team too. It’s rather like an orchestra. Any old band can knock out a tune or two, but to do justice to the best symphonies, you need the finest string, wind, brass and percussion sections there are. For PRV, the secret behind continued success is the way they’ve built their orchestra, and the way they keep on improving it, so that it can not only play the classics, but the contemporary too.

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