When we started PRV Engineering in 1986 we concentrated in three main areas: high voltage switchgear, rail product and the oil and gas industries.  Early on we realised many companies were using the term “one stop shop” to describe their services but failing to deliver on that statement.

We decided to change that by providing an all encompassing service that would offer as much as possible without losing control of the product in manufacture.

Here’s an example of how we put this into practice.

Our first step into the rail industry was when we were approached by Claverham who had developed a revolutionary set of electromechanical points.  Our remit was to examine the design and add value to the product by engineering out cost where possible in order to make it more accessible to the rail industry.

We achieved our customer’s goals with great effect and have now manufactured components consistently for the past few years for thier points systems which have been successfully installed at over 800 locations.

Since then we have added to our rail portfolio by manufacturing for track, track laying and maintenance equipment manufacturers, and more recently we have secured contracts for supplying electrical connections, contacts and other rolling stock product to Transport for London and the Underground Rail Network.  Add to this our involvement working on overhead line equipment with customers such as Hawker Siddeley Switchgear plus we enjoy a successful alliance with the Rail Network and many of their suppliers.

Watch Simon Jones MD of PRV Engineering Ltd talk about a railway project where the original project was highly complex, and whilst it was a lovely product it was just too expensive and didn’t fit into the market place because of its complexity. PRV helped commercialise it away from an aerospace style product at a cost of circa £35k down to roughly £3,500 and now that customer has become a long term ‘partner’ with a couple of hundred now out in track.

Contact us at PRV to talk about how we can be your ‘one stop shop’ for railway engineering solutions across the board.

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