The construction industry has evolved significantly and with it, many new and improved methods including steel fabrication. If you think about skyscrapers, warehouses and shopping malls, almost every aspect in construction consists of structural steel. Steel framed structures are common across many construction projects including garages, residential properties and short-term temporary structures.

Steel fabrication is used to create various components and products with different qualities for different applications. Fact is, structural steelwork has been the primary choice for most builders, engineers, contractors and structural steel fabricators. Many industries rely on steel fabrication because of the quality, reliability, flexibility, cost effectiveness and sustainability that it offers.

Steel Fabrication And Structural Steelwork

Construction and architectural engineering sectors are two of the toughest industries in the world today. Designs are often complex and demanding with the final product requiring the highest integrity to withstand all types of conditions. Due to the very nature of these industries, the materials used must be strong and exceptionally durable.

Much of the steel fabrication is done in cold, rolled, mild and stainless steel. The latter is most often used due to its strength, superior weather resistance and cosmetic appearance, especially brushed stainless steel. Modern technology, machinery and computer aided design software (CAD) have put steel fabrication at the next level. It now involves implementing various manufacturing processes which include bending, cutting, grinding, brazing and welding.

Where is steel fabrication in construction most often used?

  • High-rise buildings due to its strength, low weight and faster construction
  • Industrial buildings because of its ability to create large spaces at low cost
  • Warehouse buildings because of the lower cost of constructing large spaces
  • Residential buildings in a technique called light gauge steel construction
  • Temporary Structures as these are quick to set up and remove

What are the benefits of steel fabrication in construction?

  • Structurally sound and manufactured to strict specifications and tolerances
  • Energy efficient and any excess material is 100% recyclable
  • Steel does not warp, buckle, twist or bend and is therefore easy to modify
  • Cost effective and rarely fluctuates in price
  • Allows for improved quality of construction and less maintenance

In addition to safety and economic benefits, the use of steel framed building construction also offers environmental and social benefits. Steel lasts a long time, it is reusable and can also be recycled repeatedly without affecting its properties. When used alongside other enhancements, steel framed buildings can be very energy efficient.

Quality Steel Fabrication Requires Industry Experts

Steel fabrication is a specialist process that involves cutting, shaping or moulding metals into the final product. Customers are better off using an engineering company with expertly trained staff, cutting-edge machinery and loads of industry experience.

For the most part, good steel fabrication shops can produce a wide range of products in various shapes and sizes. Manufacturers often require a non-standard component or a unique metal product which means they need custom fabrication services. This provides them with exceptional design and production assistance for built-to-order parts.

Some of the fabrication work at PRV Engineering include the following:

  • Aluminium Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Architectural Steel Fabrication
  • Fabricated Skids
  • Fabricated Brackets
  • Coded Welding
  • Structural Steel to BSEN1090 Ex3
  • CE approved Steel Fabrication
  • Boat Cradles
  • Steel Gates, Walkways, Balustrades, Staircases, Fire Escapes, Fence Panels
  • Steel and Aluminium Framework
  • Aluminium Gates
  • Bespoke Fabrications
  • Juliet Balconies
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Gravity Conveyor Systems
  • Acoustic Containers
  • Acoustic Covers
  • Sound Proof Containers
  • Heavy Load Steel Racking
  • High Load Steel Racking

Fabrication Services At PRV Engineering

PRV Engineering is vastly experienced in structural steelwork, architectural steelwork and groundworks. We offer a complete service from the design and structural details to the manufacture and installation, ground works, amenities and electrical Installations. Materials are manufactured and CE marked to BSEN 1090 – Ex3.

With more than 20 years supplying industry-leading steel fabrication services in construction, our staff can manage your project from start to finish. Get in touch if you have any questions about PRV Engineering or if you need help with your steel fabrication project.

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