Finishing image of industrial spray painting Finishing any engineering job properly is just as important as any other operation along the production cycle. And by finishing the engineering job, we’re not talking about tidying the file and completing the invoicing. We are talking about the paint or powder coating finish to the product

The appearance of a finished product will always have an impact on the saleability. After all, if something looks rough and unfinished it’s less likely to sell. In addition, there’s the safety impact to consider. Rough edges and burrs can not only put buyers off but can be a serious health and safety risk. So an important part of finishing is to remove those risks.

However, it’s not just the look of the product that matters when it comes to the finishing. From an engineering point of view, the primary reason for finishing is to prevent corrosion. You don’t want to spend time and money manufacturing a great product only to reduce its lifespan by using the wrong type of finish.

Getting the finish wrong can result in disaster. Lack of surface preparation or using the wrong type of paint can put your product at greater risk of corrosion. So understanding how to prepare your product for finishing (i.e. smoothing and polishing) and then knowing what coating to use is essential to get the maximum look and performance.

To ensure our customers get the best service and highest standards PRV Engineering have their own finishing department which means that jobs can be processed from start to finish, with no outsourcing required. Our finishing department contains:

  • A 6 metre shot blast room
  • Various shot blast cabinets
  • Powder coating booth
  • Wet spray paint room
  • 2.2 metre cubic high bake oven

In addition we have the equipment, skills and expertise to test the finishes tor depth and strength.

PRV Engineering produce products in all materials from the very basic mild steels to the more exotics like Hastalloy and Titanium. Whether it’s a one off or a large batch production, PRV can help. We also supply a stocking service to some of our customers enabling them to reduce their stock, and call off items as and when required.

We pride ourselves on developing our working relationships so that you receive a higher quality service and product that will satisfy your requirements. If you want further help or information, get in touch.

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