The construction sector has advanced and with it, many new and improved methods including the use of structural steel. Nearly everything in construction consists of structural steel with skyscrapers, large warehouses and shopping malls springing to mind. In fact, steel framed structures are commonly used across a wide range of construction projects including garages, residential housing and short-term temporary structures and for good reason.

Steel fabrication is used to create various components and products with different qualities for numerous applications. Structural steelwork has been the primary choice for most builders, engineers, contractors and structural steel fabricators. Many industries rely on steel products and fabrication services due its quality, reliability, flexibility, cost effectiveness and sustainability.

Durability and Versatility of Structural Steel

Structural steel is ductile which means it has the ability to withstand stress for long periods of time and bend without breaking.  Steel can be moulded into virtually any shape and needs little maintenance. It’s also reusable and easily recyclable without affecting its properties making it a great eco-friendly option. Standing tall against strong winds and extreme weather conditions make structural steel buildings a sure winner.

Structural steel frameworks are made with exact precision ensuring the highest standards and safer building practices. The durability of steel needs no introduction as these benefits clearly indicate.

  • Resistant to adverse weather and remains rust-free
  • Strong underwater and does not shrink
  • Fire resistant through the application of intumescent retardants
  • Can apply corrosion and weathering resistant material during steel framework fabrication instead of on-site
  • Unaffected by termites and insects

Structural Steel and Build Flexibility

Steel structures can be built much faster since the components are fabricated offsite and delivered partly assembled. The buildings can also immediately be used as it does not require setting and curing like concrete. In addition to reduced construction time, there is also more flexibility and control in the build process.

Structural steel makes it possible to add, alter or even remove sections without having to change the entire building. Modular buildings can be dismantled and raised without losing their asset value.

Is Structural Steel Cost Effective?

As a project manager, controlling the bottom line of any development is vital. This includes total construction time and resources used to complete the build. There are numerous reasons why using a structural steel framed building is more cost effective including the following:

  • Construction time is considerably shorter (almost halved)
  • Big saving on waste management as framework is fabricated to precise specifications
  • Storage costs are less as many components are stored off-site for assembly
  • Due to the lightweight of steel frames, less is spent on the foundation
  • Lower maintenance costs (as mentioned earlier in terms of the durability of structural steel)

Structural Steel Is Sustainable In addition to economic benefits, the use of steel framed building construction offers environmental and social benefits as well. Steel lasts a long time and is reusable and can also be recycled repeatedly without affecting its properties. When used alongside other enhancements, steel framed buildings can be very energy efficient.

You can reap the rewards with all these advantages but only if you use a qualified and experienced contractor with the right quality materials. A qualified architect should ideally handle all designs and specifications but you could also use an architectural technician. For the best outcome, contracts should only be awarded to companies that specialise in structural steel framework fabrication and concreting.

PRV Engineering are experienced in structural steelwork, architectural steelwork and groundworks. We offer a complete service from the design and structural details to the manufacture and installation along with all ground works, amenities and electrical Installations. Materials are manufactured and CE marked to BSEN 1090 – Ex3.

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