The construction industry and the architectural engineering sector are two of the toughest in the world today. Designs are often more complex and demanding with the final product requiring the highest integrity and capable of withstanding all sorts of conditions. Many industries rely on steel products and fabrication services as it offers faster construction, among many other benefits.

Advantages Of Structural Steel Fabrication 

Structural steel fabrication is a specialised process requiring expert knowledge, skills and resources. Steel products and fabrication services are known for their quality, reliability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Here are some of the core benefits:

  • Structural steel can withstand stresses for longer periods and can bend without breaking
  • You can also mould steel into nearly any shape and requires less maintenance
  • It’s reusable and easily recyclable without affecting its properties so it’s a great eco-friendly option
  • Faster construction time since the components are fabricated offsite and delivered partly assembled
  • The buildings can also be used immediately as it doesn’t require setting and curing like concrete
  • In addition to reduced construction time, it also offers more flexibility and control in the build process
  • Waste is minimal as the framework is fabricated to exact specifications.
  • Storage costs are also lower as many components are stored off-site for assembly

Applications For Structural Steel Fabrication 

Nearly every aspect of our everyday lives involves some form of fabricated metal, including household appliances, vehicles and parts. If you really think about it, our world today would be unrecognisable without carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Here are a few of the main application where structural steel fabrication plays a pivotal role:

  • High-rise buildings for its strength, low weight and faster construction time
  • Industrial buildings due to the ability to create large spaces at a lower cost
  • Warehouse buildings for the low cost of constructing large spaces
  • Residential buildings using a technique called ‘light gauge steel construction
  • Temporary Structures as these are quick to set up and remove

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Why Choose PRV Engineering For Your Steel Fabrication Work?

There are effectively THREE elements for determining manufacturing success, i.e. production cost, quality and speed. While each factor is important, manufacturers must fully commit to all three before they can achieve success.

PRV Engineering has decades of experience covering a wide range of services to several industries. These include defence and military, construction, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive and rail. We are one of the fastest-growing high-quality engineering service providers in the UK and mainland Europe.

Our metalwork fabrication capabilities have added considerable value in terms of helping many more new, and existing clients. The fact that we can also offer a remote on-site installation facility has greatly boosted the demand for our services.

PRV Engineering’s One-Stop-Shop

Bending heavy gauge steel tubes and welding aluminium sheeting are two of many specialist skills that our in-house metalwork fabrication department has added to their repertoire over recent years. Along with the continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment and expanding our facility, sourcing and training highly qualified staff has been a major contributing factor to our success and that of our clients.

We offer steel framework fabrication and concreting services of the highest quality with a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ approach. In addition to being fully certified (BS EN1090-1:2009 +A1:2011), there are many other benefits when choosing PRV Engineering, including the following.

  • No need to choose between limited standard-sized fabrication templates
  • We tailor the design to your exact requirements
  • Closer control over project costs and completion deadlines
  • You can choose preferred specialist contractors
  • You don’t pay lead contractors mark-ups on services that they sub-contract

PRV Engineering Projects

Some of our projects include manufacturing and installing high-quality products. These include steel balustrades, steel staircases, handrails, steel fire escapes, steel framework and balconies among others.

With extensive experience providing steel fabrication services to the construction industry, our staff can manage your project from start to finish. If you have any questions about PRV Engineering or need help with your steel fabrication project, please get in touch.

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