Silver plating is a practice that is done for a variety of reasons, on both individual and commercial levels. Companies will sometimes add silver to other metals simply to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the item. It is also often used as a way of increasing the conductivity of another metal, particularly in electronic devices.

New Plating Facility for Silver and Tin Plating

Here at PRV Engineering, we pride ourselves in the fact that all of the high precision capabilities we offer our clients take place and are controlled in-house. The new plating facility that we have invested in is another demonstration of our determination to maintain this policy, and in the process, to ensure the high quality of the finished products that we supply our clientele.
Securing our Bus Bar Business

Silver and Tin plating are essential finishes for components that are designed to carry heavy electrical currents – like our Bus Bar business. By investing in our own new plating facility, we, at PRV Engineering, are guaranteeing both or clientele and ourselves the ability to be able to have a firmer control over prices and lead times.

PRV Engineering has been trading for over 27 years and is currently one of the fastest growing high precision engineering machining specialists in Europe. CEO Simon Jones intends to continue in that vein and said; “Our order book continues to grow and this stabilisation to our Busbar business via the investment in our new plating facility helps to convince our loyal clients that we are here for the long term.

“Because we are in the high voltage power industry and a lot of our products are Busbars, they either require a tin-plating or a silver plating for added conductivity. In the industry we find it increasingly difficult to get the service done in an adequate time and at an adequate price. We are a one-stop shop for silver plating and busbars.

“With market forces and pressures on us to do better and to improve cost and quality, I took a decision to invest in a local company to put a silver plating line in so we could take charge of it ourselves. As from the beginning of this year we now silver plate ourselves.”

If you have any questions about Busbars or silver-plating or want to contact PRV Engineering, why not connect to us through Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, you can catch up with us via the website.

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