When it comes to finishing and cleaning operations, the shot blasting surface treatment technique is a highly effective option. The shot blast technique uses high velocity steel abrasives in a controlled manner (at speeds ranging between 65 and 110 metres per second). This high speed controlled blast creates an abrasive impact which removes surface contaminates, thereby making it an effective method for cleaning iron, steel, forgings, machine parts, fixtures etc. However, before you commission a shot blasting service, there are a few important things you must know about this technique.

Shot Blast Machines: Types of Abrasive Delivery Options

Shot blast techniques use two different methods of propelling the steel shot. The criteria for choosing the right technique will be based on the area of application, such as surface condition, final finish specifications, etc. Here are the two abrasive delivery options you can choose from based on your requirements –

Compressed Air (Pneumatic) – This shot blast options is great for lower production applications. Here compressed air is used to accelerate the steel shots. These systems are quite flexible as shots can be directed horizontally. It is particularly suitable for finishing of steel welds and frames thereby eliminating the need of hand tools.

Centrifugal Turbine – The centrifugal wheel technique is a more commonly used as well as more economical option when it comes to finishing and cleaning. Abrasive shots are propelled in a specific direction at a controlled speed and quantity using centrifugal turbine. This type of blasting machine may either use one or multiple turbines. The power of the centrifugal turbine used will depend on the degree of cleaning required.

Shot Blast Technique: Tips and Precautions

Here are some tips and precautions one must keep in mind when it comes to shot blasting –

  1. An incorrectly adjusted control cage can cause considerable damage to the machine which can prove to be quite expensive.
  1. If the impellor is worn out, it will not just cause an increase in overall cleaning time but may also cause costly damage to the machine.
  1. Addition of abrasives in incorrect proportion will lead to longer blasting times and a rougher finish. Incorrect addition may also cause the surface finish texture to become significantly lightened.


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