What is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting can be described as a method used to clean, strengthen or polish metal surfaces getting it ready for the application of overlays or coatings. Industries using this method include automotive, aerospace, construction, rail and ship building among others. It removes rust or old layers of paint which is important when preparing surfaces for further processing like paint application, powder coating and welding work.

Shot blasting involves small abrasive particles (shots) being blasted at an item in a controlled stream which can leave you with varied results. It will depend on factors such as the particle shape, size, density and the speed at which it was projected at the object. Smaller shots (particles) will leave you with a smooth, polished finish while larger shots can remove excess forged material (flash) so there is no need for additional filing.

The abrasive particles are 100% recyclable making it very cost effective. Shot blasting is similar to sandblasting which is now illegal as the broken down sand contains silicon which may cause a lung disease called silicosis.

Through ongoing investment and development at PRV, we’ve setup our own finishing department equipped with a 6 metre Shot Blast room, various Shot Blast cabinets, Powder Coating booth, Wet Spray room and a 2,2 cubic metre High Bake Oven. This allows for a very high quality painted finish to very exacting standards.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the first stage treatment of a steel substrate before applying any type of coating. It’s generally accepted as being the most important factor that affects the total success of a corrosion protection system.

The coating needs to properly adhere to the substrate material for a desired result. Mill scale forms on steel surfaces when rolling red hot iron or steel billets in rolling mills which results in a sub-par base. Mill scale is removed by means of abrasive blast cleaning so that modern, high performance protective coatings. Oil and grease must also be removed before the blast cleaning process.

Not only does the surface preparation process clean the steel, it also allows for optimal application of the protective coating.

Specialist coatings and Testing

As part of our Busbar manufacturing services we provide a range of specialist coatings that provide additional insulated or conductive properties to the product. This is achieve through the application of electrostatic spray, fluid bath or simple heat-shrink processes.

In addition to the application techniques, we have also employed the means to test the finishes for the following:

  • Gloss level
  • Coating thickness
  • Adhesion strengths
  • Porosity
  • Colour shade
  • Dielectric strength
  • Insulative or conductive properties

Applications of Shot blasting

Take a look at some applications of Shot blasting (shot peening).

  • Surface preparation and remove coatings
  • Etching of surfaces
  • Remove rust, scale or other forms of oxidation
  • Remove flash, burrs and welding burns
  • Create a uniform appearance
  • Blend tool marks and other surface scratches or marks

Abrasive blast cleaning is by far the best method for surface preparation and the most economical in the long term.

PRV Engineering specialises in precision engineering and we are a one-stop shop offering you all the services under one roof. We manufacture for an expanse of industries including Automotive, Rail, Construction, Aerospace and Defense among others. Our diverse range of products and services include Busbars, 5-Axis Machining, Toolmaking, Spray painting, Powder Coating and Shot blasting.

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