There are a few reason for plating or coating busbars. Cosmetic reasons or provision of insulation are a couple but the most common reason for coating busbars is to inhibit corrosion.

Busbars are commonly made from copper, which in itself is quite resistant to corrosion but busbars are often used in environments where higher levels of protection are needed. Over time, copper oxidises and can impact the surfaces conductive properties. So plating or coating busbars, not only reduces corrosion but also improves the longevity and conductive properties of the item.

Metal coatings
Nickel, tin and silver coatings are the most favoured. They are softer metals and easier to work with but more importantly they do not offer large amounts of resistance to electrical conductivity. It takes much more tin to coat something than it does silver, however, the higher cost of silver means that it can still sometimes be more economical to coat in other materials. Your choice of material for coating may also depend on whether your busbar parts are moving or fixed. Whichever metal you use an anti-tarnish finish is recommended to keep the surface clean and conductive which will ensure longevity and safety.

Non Metal Coatings
Powder coating is popular as it gives the ability to coat the busbar surface by almost ‘melting’ paint over the surface. This provides a durable protective surface which not only protects against corrosion but carries good insulation ratings. Powder coatings can be applied by electrostatic spray of fluid bath.

Busbars from PRV Engineering
PRV has consistently been a stable and profitable Busbar supplier, working in partnership with its customers in order to deliver a first class service. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to manufacture your replacement Busbars to order. We not only offer quality and value for money, but as a company, we can meet all of your requirements in terms of Busbars, Conductors, Copper Contacts and Connections.

PRV Engineering plating and coating services
PRV Engineering have our own plating facility as well as a finishing department comprising of shot blast rooms and cabinets, spray painting booths, wet spray paint room and a high bake oven.

As part of our Busbar manufacturing services we provide a range of specialist coatings that provide additional insulative or conductive properties to the product. These are applied by either electrostatic spray, fluid bath or simple heat shrink processes.

In addition we have the equipment to allow us to test for
• Gloss level
• Coating thickness
• Adhesion strengths
• Porosity
• Colour shade
• Dielectric strength
• Insulative or conductive properties

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