Quality is the Number 1 Prerequisite says PRV Engineering

Quality is the number 1 prerequisite when you drill down to the roots of success. So says Simon Jones, owner and director of PRV Engineering Ltd, one of the fastest growing success stories in the engineering machining services sector in recent years.

The reason that PRV maintain that quality is the number 1 prerequisite, is that it underpins everything else. It doesn’t matter how quickly you can get the job done. Nor does it matter that the price is the cheapest available. If the product, or the service that you supply as a manufacturing and installation engineering services provider does not meet the specification, or the client’s expectations, the other commercial factors are irrelevant. Who better than PRV to know?

In the last 2 consecutive years, PRV have increased their turnover by a massive 23% year on year. They’ve achieved this by shrewd investment in plant and equipment, and also by winning repeat business. Investing in the best state of the art equipment – such as the new Mazak VTC800/30SR Travelling Vertical Column Machinery Centre is a good example. The new Mazak underpins PRV’s assertion that quality is the number 1 prerequisite, by enabling precision engineering machining to the tightest of tolerances with amazing accuracy.

But the true measure of success is winning repeat business maintains Simon Jones. By supplying products that meet all aspects of their specification, and by exceeding client expectations, you promote client enthusiasm. That client enthusiasm drives the customer to come back again and again to repeat the experience, safe in the knowledge that their order will get delivered on time and to spec.

“Of course price is important too”, says Simon. “I’ve yet to meet the buyer that would have it any other way. But that same buyer would also freely admit that quality is the number 1 prerequisite. It comes before all else”.

ISO Accreditation

When quality is the number 1 prerequisite, it must be inherent in the company’s structure. It must be part of their very fabric. PRV Engineering is quality driven, a fact that is attested to by the ISO 9001:2001 accreditation. It’s not just enough to advertise that a company has high quality standards though, which is why PRV operate a policy of transparency. Being told that inspections are carried out, and actually seeing proof, are two very different things. PRV make their First Article Inspection Reports, and any relevant Certificates of Conformity, available for viewing by clients on request.

All of the equipment that PRV use for processing, testing, and measuring, undergoes rigorous inspection and calibration. This is done by National Accreditation of Measuring and Sampling, (NAMAS), via UKAS, part of whose reponsibility us to help engineering companies like PRV to achieve excellence.

Holding to the premise that quality is the number 1 prerequisite means that PRV ensures this doctrine is followed through every department and procedure including:

• General machining
• CNC Machining
• Full 5 Axis Synchronous CNC Machining.
• Deep Hole Drilling.
• CAD/CAM Post Processing
• Sheet Metal Work & Fabrication
• Shot Blasting
• Prototyping
• Press Tool Manufacture and Refurbishment
• Busbar Design and Manufacture

Of course this also extends into the services PRV offer including:

• Mechanical Installation.
• Maintenance

The fact that quality is the number 1 prerequisite to PRV Engineering has stood them in great stead. It is the platform that will see their growth and expansion continue. If you demand quality from your engineering machining and service contractors, PRV Engineering is the supplier for you. You can check out the full list of the services we offer by visiting our website.

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