PRV Engineering’s significant investment in a new plating facility in 2013 has led to a firmer control over prices and lead times.

One of the fastest growing high precision engineering machining specialists in Europe, PRV have been trading for over 27 years. Managing director Simon Jones believes the company’s new plating facility will have a vital part to play in the future of its Busbar business.

He said; ”Our order book continues to grow and the stabilisation of our Busbar business, via the investment in our new plating facility, helps to convince our loyal clients that we are here for the long term.

“Because we are in the high voltage power industry and a lot of our products are Busbars, they either require tin-plating or silver plating for added conductivity. In the industry we find it increasingly difficult to get the service done in an adequate time and at an adequate price.

“We are a one-stop shop for silver plating and busbars.”

Capping Price Increases

Raw materials continue to be volatile commodities in today’s economic climate, so when a company is reliant on outside contractors for certain operations, they put themselves at the mercy of those suppliers. Sudden increases in the price of raw materials will get handed straight down the line. However, by taking out the middle man, PRV can decide to absorb certain increases, or at least minimise any amount that has to be passed on, thereby helping to keep prices competitive and stabilising our clients costs.

Keeping Lead Times Stable and Guaranteeing Continuity of Supply

Outsourcing is big business today although it can be a dangerous policy if suppliers are not as stable as they might be. It’s another clear reason for investing in our new plating facility. It helps to ensure our own stability.

Quality of product

PRV Engineering concentrates on its quality, that’s a fact. Our zero tolerance policy on rejects underpins everything we do. Our new plating facility is testament to this. Simon said; “We put a lot of hard work and skilled engineering into the products we manufacture. Finishing is the final operation prior to final inspection and it has to be right. There is no better way of controlling quality than by doing it yourself and our new plating facility allows us to achieve that!”

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