As part of a £1 million plus investment programme, PRV Engineering now offers a new steel framework fabrication and concreting service. Designed as an extension to the services the company already provides  for the construction industry, and for businesses that are very cost conscious, PRV’s new facility is the ideal solution.

A NEW Steel Framework Fabrication Service

Supplying steelwork and steel fabrications into the construction industry is nothing new as far as PRV is concerned. As CEO Simon Jones said; “We have been doing this for over twenty years. We manufacture, and in many cases, install, high quality products including bespoke platforms, balconies, balustrades and handrails in both Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.
“Our latest venture, however, is fabricating bespoke steel frameworks to architects drawings. We are confident that this will be in high demand high demand.”

A NEW Concreting Service

Concrete is by far the most widely used construction material on the planet. Types and grades of concrete are many and varied according to both the application and the end product. Here at PRV Engineering we supply ready mix concrete for foundations, flooring, and retaining walls. Whatever grade of concrete your architect specifies, PRV are able to supply it, furthermore, we can also supply written documentation to prove it is compliant if required.

Theadvantages of choosing PRV Engineering

  • As a client, you will no longer have to choose between limited standard sized fabrication templates.
  • We can tailor the design to the exact requirements
  • PRV will exercising closer control over the cost of projects
  • We have the ability to tailor build projects
  • Having the ability to choose preferred specialist contractors
  • Not having to pay lead contractors mark-ups on services they sub-contract
  • Having the means to achieve completion deadline
  • Tailoring the project to the requirements

Simon added; “There are not many lead contractors who actually do everything in-house. The modern day trend is to outsource. But when companies outsource, they then put their mark-up on top of the contracted out price. The end result is that you, the client, pay more.”

For companies that seeking the best value for money or to minimise costs, the project is best split into specialist areas such as: Design, Steel Framework Fabrication and Concreting, Cladding

  • The design and specification work should be handled by a qualified architect, although you could choose to employ a qualified architectural technician.
  • The steel framework fabrication and concreting should be awarded to a company like PRV Engineering who specialise in these disciplines.
  • The cladding of your new build should be awarded to a cladding specialist.

The One-Stop-Shop Principle

Some companies do prefer the one-stop-shop option. They would rather only have to liaise with one point of contact and are willing to pay the extra costs that are associated with going down this route. PRV Engineering do have substantial project management experience. We also have close contacts with both architects and cladding specialists. We can and will act as a one-stop-shop steel framework fabrication, concreting and cladding service provider if that is your preferred option.

If you have any questions or want to contact us, please do so on 01495 769697. Alternatively, you can look us up on LinkedIn.

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