PRV Engineering Salute the Success of the Olympic’s Opening Ceremony

PRV Engineering are one of the UK’s top high precision engineering service providers. But high precision engineering is not as a rule, something that is at the forefront of most people’s thoughts. But with the stunning show that was the superb opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games, all Brits were justifiably proud of the quality innovative engineering that provided the wherewithal to stage what many are calling the greatest show on Earth.

Over 62,000 people were present in the stadium to witness the spectacle, which was also watched on TV by a global audience estimated to have been in the region of over 1 billion people. Given such unprecedented viewing figures, it would have been an absolute catastrophe if one of the smoking chimney mechanisms had failed, causing a chimney not to rise, or to stop half way through its emergence. No, the engineering, not just for the chimneys, but for all of the moving components, had to be spot on – fail-proof in actual fact.

Great Britain was of course the birthplace of the industrial revolution; a fact so wonderfully portrayed by the opening ceremony. And although as a country we have lost much of our manufacturing capacity in recent decades, the precision engineering service sector is still very much alive, as was more than amply illustrated in the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Dozens of high precision engineering companies like PRV Engineering were involved in manufacturing a wide variety of components and assemblies that were required in order to assemble the stage show. It was without doubt, a unique opportunity to showcase not only the UK’s skill and experience of making great theatre; but also the talent of our country’s engineering sector.

The engineering disciplines that were called upon to provide the necessary products included, hot metal casting, precision engineering machining, (turning, grinding, drilling, milling, and sheet-metal CNC work and fabrication), electrics and electronics, and on-site installation work.

Whilst Lord Sebastian Coe took the plaudits for how well the organisation of the Games as a whole coped, it was Piers Shepperd (Technical Director), and lead contractors Sir Robert McAlpine, and Buro Happold who wore the laurel leaves on behalf of the engineering sector.

The same quality of product and service that was evident in all of the engineering items that were supplied into the Olympic Games opening ceremony project, applies to anything and everything that PRV Engineering undertake. It’s one of the prime factors that has led to their phenomenal growth and success. As suppliers to the UK’s railway network, where the lives of the fare paying public are quite literally on the line, quality and fitness for purpose are imperative.

When end product or service quality is supported by on time delivery and competitive pricing, it’s hardly surprising to hear that PRV Engineering have increased demand for their high precision engineering services by over 22% year on year for the past two years.
To find out more about the “gold medal” services that PRV Engineering offer, take a look at our website or call the sales team on 01495 769697.

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