Investment, expansion and employment have been the buzz words coming out of PRV Engineering over the past 24 months.

In 2013, managing director Simon Jones invested £1.25million in the company to not only maintain the growth of PRV Engineering, but to ensure that in the future, there would be employment opportunities too.

The addition of an 8000 sq ft building and a 10 tonne overhead crane capacity at the Pontypool site, enabled PRV Engineering to re-enter the fabrication and construction markets. The state of the art equipment made it possible to provide potential customers with a vast range of machined components.

In terms of the company’s decision to invest in people, last year was also a productive year. PRV Engineering employed seven new members of staff in 2013, taking the total number of personnel to 51. Now, that number is set to rise, once again.

Simon Jones PRV Engineering CEOSimon said; “With the machining facility, fabrication, deep hole drilling, presswork, paint and powder coating services already provided by the company, our £1million plus investment has reinforced PRV Engineering Ltd’s position as a true ‘One Stop Shop Facility’ capable of providing a whole host of components and services.

“We have also worked hard over the past two years to reach a position whereby we are once again looking to expand our work force.”

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Simon added; “Investment is the key to future success, not only in terms of plant, but people too. In the same way that the government’s education policy was coined as being “education, education, education”, PRV’s philosophy is “investment, investment, investment!

He added; “The engineering sector is one of the fastest growing technical sectors in the economy and it’s vitally important that if an engineering company wishes to stay at the cutting edge of its industry, it understands that investment is the key.”

PRV Engineering manufacture for an expanse of industries from food and chemical processing to oil and gas and from railway, aircraft and automotive to pharmaceutical, defence and construction. Simon said; ” We cater for all types of industrial and specialist engineering.”

With a vast range of disciplines such as General, Precision and CNC machining including Multi Axis/Multi Discipline production, Deep Hole Drilling, Welding and Fabrication, CAD/CAM links, Installation and Maintenance, we are able to provide a complex and diverse range of services and products to our customers and hopefully you as our new customer.

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