Thanks to the massive advances in modern computer technology, more consumers are hitting the road, or their commute, with mobile apps, phones, and tablets. The revolution in internet technology and capability means that while websites have become an integral part of modern business success, more and more people are connecting to the internet through their mobile devices. This also means that the full size and fully functioning websites that are designed and built with the regular computer in mind (all that RAM and working memory), need to be streamlined to operate effectively on these mobile devices.

Keeping Up with the Times

There’s an adage in business that states that if you don’t adapt, you don’t survive. PRV Engineering is quite familiar with this ideal and that is why we now have a website that is specifically engineered to operate on most modular devices, such as iPhones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Having a website that is scaled down and easy to read and navigate via a mobile device (streamlined, if you will), means that our consumers, clients, and partners can keep up with all of the exciting news and announcements that are generally made through our traditional website platform.

More people are on the move today than ever before. They check email, send text messages, surf the web for news and sports, and even conduct their financial transactions, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. One may incorrectly assume that any website design will work well through any modular device, but in reality, the longer a website takes to load (the more graphics or animation intense, the more videos, the more information that is loaded on to the site), the more likely it will be that a visitor will click away and move on to the next site.

Give It 5 Seconds

The average website user will give a new site about 5 seconds to load before they pack it in and move on. If, for example, PRV Engineering’s site loads in 10 seconds on a mobile device (where it might take 2 on a regular computer), then it risks losing a high number of clients. There’s no need to risk this and their is good evidence to back up why its important to maximise.

That’s why PRV Engineering is proud of the effort we have put forth with regard to the mobile internet technology that society has quickly embraced. The world is moving into a new age and while no one truly knows what tomorrow’s technology will bring, it’s important to make oneself available to as many possible consumers and clients as possible.

Here’s a piece from WSI eMarketing detailing 4 tips for an effective mobile website.

Check out the new PRV Engineering website from your mobile browser today and discover why engineering matters.

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