When the country is looking for any signs of economic growth and stability, during the past few years those signs have been meagre, to say the least. Today, though, PRV Engineering has announced that due to considerable growth during the past two years that we will be expanding its capacities and operations, with the intent of creating up to thirty new jobs over the next few years.

While PRV Engineering is not a large company in terms of the number of people it employs, this expansion will increase our current workforce to more than fifty. While this expansion is great news for local citizens in New Inn, where PRV Engineering operates, it should also serve as a positive reinforcement that the country is moving in the right direction with regard to the economy. It is also a sign that manufacturing in Great Britain is headed in the direction that it needs to move in order to boost the economy overall.

Reasons Behind the Expansion Plans

Some companies plan on expanding their operations because they have reached a limit on what they can accomplish, or because they have their eye set on another market in a different region. For us at PRV Engineering, according to our Managing Director, Simon Jones, this planned expansion is in response to an increase in orders from its customers.

At PRV Engineering we are invested in providing fabrication services for nearly every type of industry, such as food, railway, aerospace, construction, defence, chemical processing, and more. Nearly one-quarter of our business is exported to the Middle East, which has become an important aspect of growth within the industry generally for a number of reasons.

The growth within the company during the past two years may have surpassed expectations, which, on its own merits, would have been enough to warrant a review of our potential expansion plans, but it is the contracts that are coming in for future work that has motivated us to make this expansion happen now, rather than waiting. For this reason, the Welsh government has decided to help fast track funding for this expansion at PRV.

Of course, this government support is not strictly for PRV, but for any business in the region that is seeking to expand its operations and add new workers to its payroll. When one business, such as PRV Engineering, has shown signs of growth through the past couple of years, then other businesses will also be showing positive signs for the future. PRV Engineering’s  expansion plans are a great sign for the British economy and its potential growth in 2012 and beyond.

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