Investment in equipment and staff is extremely high on the list of priorities for PRV Engineering. Quality and customer service excellence are 2 of the most important things for the company and to provide those things equipment and staff need to be of the highest level.

In 2016 more new machinery has been installed at PRV Engineering and staff have completed training so they are fully up to speed on the operation and capabilities of each machine.

Hydro-abrasive waterjet machinery along with large format machining equipment were the latest additions to the workshop floor.

The waterjet cutting machinery means that we can now cold cut any material with much greater accuracy. We can produce much more complex cuts and designs for clients while ensuring that quality is not compromised. Prototyping work can be done quickly and effectively on site reducing the time to end product manufacture. Any adjustments to designs can be implemented in minutes and the item reproduced. The smallest of components can be produced because the cutting method has no heat affected zone, meaning no risk of material degradation on smaller components.

Our large format equipment allows us to machine large aluminium plates and structures as well as large steel components and structures.

This latest equipment enables PRV Engineering to further diversify the products and services that can be delivered to customers, which only adds to our ‘One Stop Shop’ attitude. The complex and diverse range of products and services means that our customers can fulfil their requirements from start to finish in one place with one supplier.

PRV Engineering has design and development services to help you bring your idea to reality. Our extensive service offering allows us to help you take that idea right through to manufacture; helping and advising on cuts, materials and design along the way. And it’s not just new ideas and products that our development services are on hand for. If you have a product that is currently manufactured we will work with you to see where improvements can be made to attain higher durability or a more cost effective purchase.

We provide a host of services to numerous industries so if you have a project in mind, get in touch.

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