Although the current recession has created difficulties in business, PRV Engineering has spent the last year establishing a platform on which they can confidently support their ambitious plans- 2013 is about building for the future.

CEO Simon Jones has invested £1.25million in the company over that 12 month period, primarily to increase the size and capacity of the unit from 29,000 to 38,000 square feet. As part of the overall development, PRV Engineering have also installed a state of the art crane with a 10 tonne overhead capacity. “These are exciting time for us,” said Simon, who confirmed that PRV has also returned to the construction industry from which they retracted several years ago.

“We have used the new unit as a platform for ourselves,” he said. “Not only did we construct the building, but we did the groundwork too. It’s a launch pad that will take us back into something that we retracted from a few years ago.

“We have also added four new CNCs and five axis multi discipline products  which enables us to offer our customers a better product. “It takes us into markets that we have never looked into before.”

PRV’s current focus is on the defence industry, motor sport and anything that is a ‘little more technical’. In fact, as Simon explains, “We have just won a really nice defence contract. That’s the kind of business I am trying to attract.

”We manufacture from our own design, customer drawings or OEM samples depending on our customer’s requirements. If requested, we provide complete drawings and stress analysis calculations. Our motto is ‘one answer, many solutions’.

10 of the services offered by PRV Engineering

General and Precision Engineering

CNC Machining with True 4th Axis capability

CNC Machining with Live Tooling

Full 5 Axis Synchronous CNC Machining

Deep Hole Drilling

CAD/CAM Post Processing

High & Low Volume Turned Parts

Sheet Metal Work & Fabrication

Shot Blasting

Prototype Development and Testing

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