There are many methods employed in Tool Making, ranging from the traditional processes to the more modern methods using CAD designs and CNC machining. It goes without saying, that the technique employed depends upon the quality, precision and quantity of tools required.

With improved machining technologies and design capabilities, it has become easier to produce high performance precision manufactured tools. However, designing and making these tools requires a great deal of planning, high performance equipment, technical know-how and of course, skill.

So, what should you take into consideration when searching for a good tool making service?

Time required

Make sure you enquire about the time required by the tool making service to complete a particular job. Generally, when it comes to making tools, there will be some amount of waiting period or lead time. However, a good toolmaker will ensure lower lead times.

What technology is being used?

You should establish what kind of technology the company uses for their tool manufacture process. You should establish whether they are using CAD integrated designs, the type of CNC or computer numeric control machining techniques they use – whether they have multiple axis machining capabilities or whether they use multiple setups. The technology used will have a significant impact on the quality, finish and functionality of the manufactured tool as well as the time taken to manufacture it.

Check out the experience and expertise

Finally, when searching for a good tool making service, make sure that you check out the experience and expertise of the company under consideration. Ask them to provide you with samples and prototypes of their previous projects.

PRV Engineering was originally set up manufacturing tamper proof lid assemblies for the metal packaging industry. Whilst the company no longer performs this activity, we have retained the specialist knowledge to build and test simple or multi tool punch and press sets, from the very basic to the more complex progression tooling.

“If you are looking for an efficient and effective tool making service, your search ends here. PRV Engineering, one of the leading providers of engineering and technological solutions, offers high quality tool making services for a wide variety of industries,” said PRV Engineering CEO Simon Jones.

“Our toolmakers now produce Punch, Press and Forming Tools, Die Sets and Tool Spares etc… on a sub-contract level for customer spares.
“We have extended this service to the refurbishment of existing tooling, and offer our customers a service whereby we perform routine maintenance or emergency repair with a collection and delivery service enabling down times to be minimized.

If you have any questions about tool making or if you want to talk to us about the processes we use, get in touch.


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