We discussed powder coating in a previous post– the types, benefits and options available for those interested in utilising it.  However we’ve discovered a shift in companies more and more seeking out our powder coating services so we decided to delve a bit further into why powder coating can be preferable to other types of finishing techniques.

So why is it that businesses and manufacturers use powder coating as a finish (and indeed approach PRV Engineering Ltd for this service)? One of the major reasons is because it produces a dry, clean and highly durable finish, without the use of volatile organic compounds.

Moreover, powder coating is economical, and saves our customers time, effort and money in the long run.  Below we compare powder coating with other coating techniques to better understand its popularity:

Comparison 1: Powder Coating vs. Lamination

Powder coating offers higher efficiency and better quality products compared to lamination.  Here are some of the ways that powder coating scores over lamination –

  • Powder coating costs about 30 to 40 percent less.
  • Powder coating of production lines is less labour intensive, as the process is highly automated.
  • Powder coating of production lines also produces less waste material as compared to lamination.
  • It is suitable for both exterior and interior applications, while lamination is suitable only for interiors.
  • Powder coated surfaces can withstand exposure to harsh chemicals and are scratch resistant.
  • Powder coated surfaces offer thorough protection unlike lamination which peels and chips easily.
  • Unlike lamination, powder coating doesn’t have seams, even around sharp edges and corners.

Comparison 2: Powder Coating vs. Liquid Coating.

Here is why powder coating can be a better option than conventional liquid paint –

  • Powder coating is more eco-friendly, given that the emission of volatile organic compounds is zero or almost zero.
  • It can produce thicker coatings than conventional liquid coats, which eliminates issues like sagging or running.
  • Powder coating offers much better covering for fabricated sharp edges as compared to liquid coats.
  • It produces less waste material as compared to conventional liquid coating.
  • It is quite versatile, as it can be used to coating any shape.
  • With powder coating, almost 100 percent usage can be achieved as the overspray can be easily recycled.
  • Cost of operation for powder coating is usually lower than conventional liquid coating.

With all those benefits it’s no surprise that powder coating is gaining popularity.  Contact PRV Engineering Ltd to fulfill all your powder coating requirements.

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