Powder coating has emerged as one of the most advanced techniques for applying a protective as well as decorative finish to almost any type of metal. The process basically involves spraying an electrostatically charged powder on the surface that needs to be coated. The powder used here is a combination of finely ground pigment and resin particles. The charged powder particles adhere to the surface, forming a smooth, durable and uniform coating, with a high quality finish. Powder coating provides businesses, industries and consumers with probably one of the most long-lasting, colour durable and economical yet high quality finishes. No matter which colour or texture you are looking for, powder coating can provide the right solution. In this article, we will take a look at some of the common types of powder coating available today.

Powder Coating: Options Available

Here are some of the most commonly used powder coatings available today –

  • Epoxy Coating – Epoxy powder coatings offer excellent corrosion resistance, hardness, durability and adhesion. It can also be formulated to comply with FDA regulations for use in food contact applications. However, these coatings tend to weather poorly. Both functional as well as decorative powder coatings are available with epoxy coating.
  • Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid – This type of powder coating makes the coated surface less prone to yellowing when cured. The epoxy-polyester hybrid has properties that are similar to standard epoxy coating. However, it is not suitable for outdoor usage, as it weathers poorly.
  • Polyester-Urethane Coatings – This type of coatings forms a smooth, thin film, with great chip and mar resistance. Besides this, such coats weather better. These coatings are usually also resistant to hydrocarbons, diluted acids, oil and grease.
  • Thermoplastic Powder Coatings – PVC and vinyl powder coatings offer excellent resistance to detergents, along with a smooth, soft feel. These coatings are also suitable for outdoor use, since they weather well.
  • Polyester-TGIC Coating – This type of coating has the best weathering capabilities of all the types of powder coatings discussed here. It also offers excellent corrosion, mar and chip resistance. An added advantage of Polyester-TGIC Coating is great edge coverage.


Powder Coating: Benefits

Here are some of the major benefits achieved after powder coating surfaces –

  • Durable, tough and long-lasting coating for various metals.
  • Highly resistant to impacts and abrasions.
  • Improved product performance as compared to most liquid coatings.
  • Wide range of textures and colours are available.
  • Less variation in the process leads to consistency in terms of appearance and colour.
  • Powder coatings can be specifically formulated for particular applications, such as highly corrosive environments, prolonged sun exposure and high resistance.


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