Onsite installation-maintenance is a facility that helps to turn an engineering service provider like PRV Engineering, from an excellent choice of supplier, into a great one. Design and manufacture are great skills to have, and we are proud to be able to boast that we have both in abundance. But going to another organisation’s site, and carrying out quality onsite intallation-maintence work under demanding circumstances, is not something that many engineering companies are capable of doing.
First of all, carrying out on site installation-maintenance work itself requires great knowledge, skill, and ability, and not just a small amount of confidence in your own ability. But you’ve also got to have the right mindset. When your engineers are out there in the big wide world, they are representing your business. It’s therefore very important that as well as possessing the requisite skills and experience, they also know how to deal with the client too. And if our clients are anything to go by, they don’t suffer fools gladly. So we ensure that our engineers are polite, display good manners, and act with propriety at all times.

Another important prerequisite that all companies that offer onsite installation-maintenance must have, is an impeccable health and safety regime. PRV Engineering are no stranger to the demands of the health and safety standards, and have developed their systems to more than comply with today’s legislation. But it’s not just a case of a knee jerk reaction to the rule book, PRV take their responsibilities very seriously. After all, we’re talking about the welfare of not only our employees, but our client’s employees, and often, members of the public too.

PRV’s health and safety system encompasses:
• Onsite Risk Assessments
• Creating Site Instruction Manuals
• Writing comprehensive method statements for all of the work we undertake
• Complying with all the 1994 CDM(Construction Design and Management) regulations

The onsite installation-maintenance side of our business is our ace in the hole. The fact of the matter is that there are not many sub-contract engineering companies in Europe who can compete at this level. We are currently the onsite installation-maintenance service provider of first choice for the several blue chip engineering giants They include the likes of Du Pont, and Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals. Above all, these clients recognise our ability to think on the spot, and come up with engineering solutions to meet any challenge.

PRV provides a truly comprehensive range of engineering services. It makes no difference whether we are commissioned to carry out the onsite installion-maintenance of equipment that we ourselves have manufactured, or that third parties have made. We have the industry skill and expertise to handle either scenario.

Our in-house abilities read like an engineering who’s who directory. We offer:
• Precision machining
• CNC turning
• CNC milling
• 5 axis machining
• Turning
• Grinding
• Vertical boring
• Horizontal boring
• Spark erosion technology
• Deep hole drilling
• Manufacture of Busbars
• Tool making
• Fabrication
• BS EN ISO 9001

Add to the above list, our onsite installation-maintenance ability, and you will clearly be able to see why we are one of the fastest expanding engineering service providers, not only here in the UK, (we are based in New Inn, Pontypool, South Wales), but across mainland Europe.

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