One-Stop-Shop – PRV Engineering Turn the Dream into a Reality

The One-Stop-Shop is many buyers’ dream of simplifying their purchasing workload; especially in the engineering industry, where in-depth industry knowledge is critical, and hard-won job experience is essential. It’s perhaps one of the reasons that all too often, many companies that claim to offer a one-stop-shop service fail to deliver, and simply do not live up to expectations. But here at PRV Engineering, we are the exception to the rule. We always deliver; and not just in the sense of meeting critical deadlines; we deliver top quality too!

The problem for many companies that aspire to becoming a one-stop-shop supplier is that they turn themselves into a Jack of all trades. But in the engineering supply arena, being a jack of all trades just doesn’t cut the mustard; especially in the fields that PRV Engineering are primarily involved in, namely: The Railway Industry, The Busbar Industry, and the Deep Hole Drilling Industry. In these specialised engineering fields in particular, being a “Jack” is simply not good enough, you need to be the Ace – and we are!

Whether we are asked to work to our suppliers’ technical engineering drawings, or we are given a specification and the responsibility of developing the design ourselves, we have the expertise on hand to cope with the task. It’s something that we were proud to show off at the recent 2012 Subcon Exhibition, the contract and sub-contract suppliers’ showcase, held this year at the NEC, Birmingham.

The Subcon Exhibition is the highlight of the year in the engineering manufacturer’s world, with buyers coming from all over the UK and Europe, to check out the latest state of the art advancements and capabilities of the companies exhibiting their wares. For us at PRV Engineering, we were pleased to announce a £750K extension to our 29,000 square foot manufacturing plant, to house the 3 new Mazac Machining Centres we have just ordered. They include a VTC800 30SR, and an Integrex i400, delivery of which we will be taking in May 2013. This new investment shows our commitment to providing our clients with engineering services, quite literally at the cutting edge of technology.

Our one-stop-shop service is now more in demand than ever. In fact over recent years we have seen our turnover swell by an average 23% per year! It’s not just the home market we are being so successful with either. 20% of our annual turnover was in products for the export market. The market places we serve include:

• Food Manufacturing
• The Chemical Industry
• The Railway Industry
• The Automotive Industry
• The Aerospace Industry
• The Defense Industry
• The Petrochemical Industry
• The Gas Industry

One of the most important keys to being a top one-stop-shop engineering manufacturer is making sure you deliver on time; something that PRV Engineering take great pride in achieving. But quality is our watchword. We are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 approved.Without the right quality of product, no one goes anywhere. That’s why it is our number 1 prerequisite. We’d rather take a few more days and get it right, than try to rush something through and cut corners in the process simply to land an order. Whatever delivery we quote will be the right time needed to get the job 100% spot on. But once an order is placed, delivery will be on time, every time!

Oh yes, and by the way. Our prices are very competitive!

When you elect to appoint PRV Engineering as your one-stop-shop engineering contractor, it’s the last stop you’ll need to make. Why not put our name on your tender list and give us a try?

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