Last week we covered electric hoverbikes in Dubai and today we’re continuing along that path but with a slight twist. What do you get when you cross a motorcycle with new technology and a mountain bike? The answer is simple – a hybrid electric motorcycle called the LMX 161-H. It resembles downhill bicycles and is described as a super-light electric motorcycle weighing in at just 42kg. Early reports suggest it’s ideal for off-road, freeride and enduro use but just as suitable for urban travel.

Two young French engineers and avid riders, Adam Mercier and Lucas Suteau, are responsible for this concept as they see a future for electric motorsport. Their vision turned prototype and the project has quickly become a crowdfunding campaign. Their aim is to get the worlds lightest freeride electric motorcycle to hit the streets all over the world. If all goes according to plan, the first deliveries will go out in May 2018.

LMX Electric Motorcycle Specifications

LMX BIKES have been producing and improving the lightweight electric bike since 2014. It’s built around an aluminum 6061 frame and manages an impressive 8 kW (10.7 hp) into the compact body that only weighs 42 kg (92.6 lbs.) In fact, it weighs half as much as similar performance models such as scooters, mopeds and 85cc cross bikes.

At the core, it’s developed for extreme off-roading but the L1e-B approval means the bike can be used anywhere in Europe without a special license. This is a massive advantage and opens up a whole new avenue for new business potential.

Take a look at some of the impressive specs:

  • Frame is made from sandblasted aluminium and weighs just 6.5kg (14.33lbs)
  • Wheelbase of 1310mm with 200/230mm suspension
  • Adjustable seat with 2 positions (85cm low and 89cm high)
  • Road legal LED lights
  • Linkage driven progressive suspension
  • 4 Piston electronic motorcycle specific 203mm Hydro disc brakes
  • 8kwh Hot-swap Samsung Lithium-Ion battery pack

LMX Electric Motorcycle Kit, Performance and Price

Like any off-roader, the LMX 161-H is fitted with high-end mountain bike gear. This includes RST Killah Coil RC front forks, a DNM RCP2 rear shock and TRP Zurich brakes with 203 mm rotors. In addition, the wheels are mixed with a 26″ downhill front wheel and a 19″ motorcycle wheel at the rear powers the electric motorcycle through a chain and sprocket.

Top speed is 28mph (45kph) with a brushless DC electric motor (BLDC). The 57v Samsung battery can be fully charged within 3 hours through any 220V AC plug with the 600W charger. Peak power is 8000W and continuous power 3000W. The average distance covered on a single charge is usually around 62km or 2 hours off-road. Recent tests, however, showed an 80km range or 3 hours off-road riding in eco mode. Don’t let the small motor fool you either, it produces enough power and torque for a max climbing angle of 45°.

Pricing and Availability

Taking into account the lightweight frame and versatility of the electric motorcycle, there’s no doubt that the bike will pique the interest of a very wide audience. Pre-orders are available until 31st October 2017 at a price of € 4 450 plus taxes. This is a 30% discount on the public price of € 6 500 (€7 800). Alternatively, paying a € 500 deposit means you benefit from a € 1 400 reduction on the total cost.

Watch this fascinating footage to see the power and superior handling capabilities of the electric motorcycle. This could ultimately take mountain biking and motocross to a whole new level. Visit LMX Bikes for more information.

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