The new steel framework fabrication and concreting service is yet another example of how PRV’s CEO Simon Jones won’t give the grass any chance to grow beneath the company’s feet. Following hot on the heels of recent new investments in the latest state of the art CNC machinery costing in excess of £1 million, this new venture demonstrates Simon’s passion and resolve for continuous expansion and diversification.

If you want Something Doing Right …

PRV have recently had their factory extended. But rather than waiting for someone else to provide the new steelwork frame and concreting, they took the bull by the horns and did it themselves. Drawings and specifications were provided by fully qualified architects, and PRV poured the concrete, and manufactured and erected the steelwork, all to specification. “It gives you more control over the process, including the timing”, said Simon, “and you know what they say? – If you want something doing right – do it yourself”!

The One-Stop-Shop approach Costs More

The new steel framework fabrication and concreting service will be offered both to the construction industry, and to individual companies – companies who like PRV, want a simple, effective, no fuss extension to existing premises. Up until now, most companies looking to have extensions or new buildings erected have gone to traditional construction companies. But most of these building companies don’t do everything in-house. Some of them don’t actually do anything themselves other than project managing the whole thing. They sub-contract it out. What they then do is to add their mark-up to the contractors’ costs. It’s standard business practice, but what it does mean to the end user is that they pay more.

Control and Reduce Building Project Costs

But If you deconstruct a project by breaking it down into the basic elements, you can save money. All it means is finding the right specialist service provider, like PRV Engineering with their new steel framework fabrication and concreting service and placing specific orders for specific services. For most simple building projects this would break down into:

• An architect to design the building and specify the materials
• A company like PRV-Engineering with their new steel framework fabrication and concreting service
• A cladding company to clad the framework.

What PRV have done is to give businesses with a building project in mind, a new option. The great thing about the new option is that it is a money saver.

Adding Value is Important

“There’s nothing wrong with putting mark-ups on things, providing you are adding value”, said Simon.” It’s when someone is just buying, marking up, and reselling without adding any value that it becomes morally wrong”, he continued.

PRV-Engineering Always provide Value for Money

“At PRV-Engineering we always provide value for money. Whatever it is we do, our prices are competitive; and we also have a customer service record that is the envy of the engineering sector. It’s one of the main reasons that we are so successful”, reflected Simon. PRV are one of the fastest growing high precision engineering manufacturing companies in the UK. By constantly investing in new technology, and adding to their services portfolio, like their new steel framework fabrication and concreting service, it’s quite clear that PRV Engineering will remain one of the top market leaders.

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