The new plating facility that PRV Engineering now has is yet another example of Simon Jones’ (Chief Exec of PRV) determination to offer the company’s clients the most comprehensive service through continuous investment into new areas.

The Importance of Finishing

Finishing is one of the most important areas in the engineering sector. Components that have been carefully machined to the highest standards and tightest specifications can still be scrapped if the finishing is not up to standard. It’s one of the reasons that PRV Engineering prefer to do as much manufacturing as possible in-house. The new plating facility, specialising in tin and silver plating, is another sure step in this direction.

Maintaining Control

Being in total control of as many of the manufacturing processes that take place in the production of any component, now including the new plating facility, is key. It means that:

• Quality standards will always be maintained at the highest levels
• Work can be properly scheduled to avoid any delay in the delivery process
• Costs can be more accurately controlled resulting in cheaper prices for clients

The more control that a company exerts, the more secure its offer to its clients.

Sense and Sensibility

One of PRV’s biggest production niches is its speciality Bus Bar manufacture. Bus Bars are electrical conductors, and are best made from Copper. Copper is a wonderfully conductive material, and although it does not rust as quickly as steel, it will tarnish over time. This tarnishing will impair its conductive nature. The electrical industry is united in agreeing that tin and silver are the best plating finishes for conductive copper components. However, schools of thought are divided as to which is best. It’s exactly why having their own new plating facility that does both, makes such perfect sense to PRV’s capability.

Tin or Silver – Which is best?

Silver is one of the best conductors of electricity known to man. The problem is that it is also very expensive. What’s more, in the current economy, its getting more and more costly. Tin follows on a close second, technically. But of course its main advantage is that it is a lot cheaper than Silver. This means that PRV, through their new plating facility, can be in control of choosing which option is best for both themselves and their Bus Bar clients. A thin plating of Silver may be preferred in one scenario. But in another, 10 times the thickness of Tin plate, (at a somewhat cheaper cost), may be preferable, depending on the application. But whatever the outcome – PRV remain firmly in the driving seat.

Investment is the Way Forward

PRV’s relentless drive towards staying at the forefront of the high precision engineering services sector is fuelled by their investment record. Simon continues to pilot this course of action which has seen over £1 million invested in various prices of new plant and new processes in the past year, This of course includes the new plating facility. Something tells us that it’s not over yet. So keep an eye on this PRV Engineering blog for further news and exciting developments.

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