Developments in engineering and manufacturing are moving on at a pace. Continuing research into materials and their capabilities results in demand for more complex work requirements and those requirements mean more advanced machinery.

Whether you provide one service or many, older outdated machinery may eventually lead to less efficient production and an increase in costs. There probably are some areas of manufacturing that have remained unchanged for years and so the older machinery may well still be able to work effectively, but can it compete with more modern machinery that is more efficient and technically capable? A regular review of the machinery and equipment you use should identify if your business can be improved by investing in new machinery – and it should be seen as an investment, not a cost. Newer more advanced machines may open up markets and opportunities that you previously hadn’t been able to consider, ensuring your businesses longevity.

3D technology, additive manufacturing and robotics are all areas that are developing and expanding. In fact an article in the Manufacturer today states that UK manufacturers are leading the way in robotics development with 32% saying they have already invested compared to just 18% globally. Economic concerns and fierce market competition are the reasons given for more than half of those surveyed implementing aggressive growth strategies which include newer digital technologies.

That’s why PRV Engineering regularly review our capabilities and continue to upgrade and invest in new machinery.

The latest addition due to the PRV Engineering collection is an Idroline S 1730 Hydro-Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System. It is an elite design and has a high technological and productive performance and will allow PRV to take on work where more traditional cutting methods may not be suitable due to the heat produced. A wide variety of materials can be cut using a high pressure jet of water or a mix of water and abrasive.

PRV_IDROLINE-SThe unit has a host of features including:

  • Digital CNC communication with remote push-button panel
  • New Z axis strokes up to 350mm 3 axis, up to 250mm 5 axis and tube cutting up to 500mm
  • OSAI CNC with control panel
  • Stand grid plate
  • Electronic hopper for abrasive automatic monitoring with sensors for cutting parameters automatic control
  • Automatic hose reel
  • 330kg Abrasive Feeding System

PRV Engineering provide services to a wide variety of industries and we work continuously to provide clients with a comprehensive service that meets their needs. We are able to provide a complex and diverse range of products and services to clients that allow them to satisfy their requirements from a single source.

If you’d like to find out more about our services get in touch. If you’re attending the Subcon Show 7th – 9th June in Birmingham, pop by and see us; you can find us on stand C61.

Header Image: Sergei Akulich

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