Britain, like many other countries, is investing large sums of money in high speed rail (HS2). The aim is to create space on overcrowded networks and enable large numbers of people to move more efficiently.

It means a new line that doesn’t physically overlap or affect existing regional services, but one that takes long-distance travellers onto new high speed trains with fewer stops, thus completing their journeys in less time than ever before.

On top of that, the wider benefits of a high speed rail network in this country are also substantial, whether in economic terms, improved connections, an exciting and efficient travel experience or more comfortable, reliable local rail services.

Benefits of HS2

  1. Significant productivity improvements
  2. Beneficial changes in the employment mix.
  3. Major employment growth and relocation.
  4. The improved regional and national connectivity will form a key part of the whole UK’s long-term economic recovery.

As predicted from the outset, there have been teething issues, culminating this week in the Government published HS2 Hybrid Bill and accompanying environmental report, which Countryside campaigners claim is ‘impossible’ to read in the 56-day formal consultation period. The document, which numbers more than 50000 pages would weigh in at more than one tonne if it were printed out!

Here at PRV Engineering, we are understandably interested in the developments of HS2 as we have worked for many years in the rail industry. CEO Simon Jones said “We are watching with intrigue the developments and to say it is a fascinating subject, would be the understatement of the year.”

“Our first step into the rail industry was when we were approached by Claverham who had developed a revolutionary set of electromechanical points. Our remit was to look at the design and add value to the product by engineering out cost where possible in order to make it more accessible to the rail industry. We achieved our customer’s goals with great effect and have now manufactured components consistently for the past few years for their points systems which have been successfully installed at over 800 locations.
“Since then we have added to our Rail portfolio by manufacturing for Track, Track laying and Maintenance Equipment and more recently we have secured contracts for supplying Electrical Connections, Contacts and other Rolling Stock Product to Transport for London and the Underground Rail Network. Add to this our involvement on Overhead Line equipment with customers such as Hawker Siddeley Switchgear, and we enjoy a successful alliance with the Rail Network and its suppliers.”

What’s your view on HS2? Do you think it will achieve it’s objectives or even ever get off the ground?

Alternatively, if you want to speak with PRV Engineering about our work within the rail industry, get in touch.

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