Metalwork fabrication is a broad term referring to processes involving cutting, shaping or moulding metals into a final product. It is a specialist process that requires expertly trained staff and cutting-edge machinery. Metal components are widely available in a variety of dimensions and materials including sheet metal, metal rods and metal bars.

For the most part, good metalwork fabrication shops can produce products in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Manufacturers often require a non-standard component or a unique metal product which means they need custom fabrication services. It provides them with design and production assistance for built-to-order parts.

Metalwork fabrication, often referred to as sheet metalwork, encompasses a wide range of skills and disciplines. These include profiling, bending and forming, cropping, coded welding, assembly and painting.

Metalwork Fabrication And Structural Steelwork

Many may not associate metalwork fabrication with PRV Engineering but our team regularly produces a wide range of beautifully finished, fabricated metal products. Some of our work with metal fabrication and structural steelwork include the following:

  • Bespoke fabrications
  • Fabricated skids and brackets
  • Safety guards for various types of machines
  • Platforms to aid installation and maintenance work
  • Bespoke balcony work for the construction industry
  • Designer balustrades for the construction industry
  • Special handrails for the construction industry
  • Steel stillage and walkways
  • Heavy load steel racking
  • Steel gates

At PRV Engineering, we believe that functional steelwork can, and should, look stylish and complement its environment. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to assess your specific requirements and design architectural steelwork to enhance your project.

We have provided unparalleled metalwork fabrication services to vastly different customers from factories and warehouses to offices, schools, medical facilities, retail units, sports facilities and residential buildings. Whatever the project, we maintain consistently high standards throughout in terms of attention to detail, reliable service and exceptional quality.

Metalwork Fabrication In Construction and Architectural Engineering

The construction industry and the architectural engineering sector are two of the toughest industries in the world today. Designs are often complex and demanding with the final product requiring the highest integrity and capable of withstanding all sorts of conditions.

Due to the very nature of these industries, the materials must be strong and durable. For this very reason, much of this type of metalwork fabrication is done in cold, rolled steel, mild steel, and stainless steel. The latter is often used for its superior resistance to weather, strength and cosmetic appearance, especially brushed stainless steel.

There is no denying that the construction industry is dangerous to work in from a health and safety perspective. The fact that PRV Engineering has a spotless H&S record, internally and on all external construction projects, means clients who are looking for quality suppliers are in excellent hands. We meet all necessary construction industry HSE regulations including CDM.

Why Customers Choose PRV Engineering For Fabrication Services

PRV is one of the fastest growing high-quality engineering service providers in the UK and mainland Europe. The key success factor has been our specialist skills in niche markets such as Busbar manufacturing and Deep Hole Drilling. At the same time, our metalwork fabrication ability has added considerable value in terms of helping so many new clients. The fact that we can also offer a remote on-site installation facility has greatly boosted demand.

Bending heavy gauge steel tubes and welding aluminium sheeting are just two of the specialist skills that our in-house metalwork fabrication department has developed over recent years. That and the continuous investment in our state-of-the-art plant and machinery are major contributing factors to our success and that of our clients.

Whether we work on drawings from others or design and fabricate ourselves, we always provide the product our clients envisioned. We always deliver on time which is something we pride ourselves on and what our clients have come to expect.

Being completely self-sufficient is the foundation of our success as we provide all types of services under one roof. Whatever the engineering process, we do it our specialised plant and with the help of our highly skilled workforce. From precision engineering, turning, milling, metalwork fabrication, spray painting, powder coating, site work and installation – we offer a complete quality one-stop-shop engineering service.

We provide precision engineering and metalwork fabrication services for many industries including aviation and aerospace, rail, food and chemical processing, petrochemical and construction. Whatever your metalwork fabrication needs, our team of experts are here to help with your project. Call us today on 01495 707962 or visit our website to find out more.

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