Metalwork Fabrication at its Very Best from PRV Engineering

Metalwork Fabrication is a skilled, specialist operation, and not one that enough people first associate with PRV Engineering. Maybe that’s because our expertise in other engineering services such a deep hole drilling get more publicity. But here at PRV Engineering, we offer a complete metalwork engineering service that includes the very best in metalwork fabrication.

It might come as some surprise to learn that our metalwork fabrication department regularly turns out a whole range of beautifully finished, fabricated metal products that include:

• Safety Guards for various types of machines
• Platforms to aid installation and maintenance work
• Bespoke Balcony work for the construction industry
• Designer Balustrades for the construction industry
• Special Handrails for the construction industry

Metalwork fabrication, or sheet metalwork as one branch of it is often referred to as, encompasses a wide range of skills and disciplines. These include:

• Profiling
• Bending and forming
• Cropping
• Welding
• Assembly
• Painting

The construction industry, allied with the architectural engineering industry, are two of the toughest marketplaces in the world. Designs are often both complex and demanding, and the final product must have high integrity, and must be capable of standing the test of time, and of weathering too. Due to the very nature of these industries, the materials have to have strength and durability, and for these reasons, much of this type of metalwork fabrication is done in cold, rolled steel, mild steel, and stainless steel. Stainless steel is often designated for its weather resistance, its strength, and its cosmetic appearance – especially brushed stainless steel.

The construction industry can be a very dangerous industry to work within from a health and safety point of view. The fact that PRV have a spotlessy clean H&S record, not only internally but with all of our external construction projects too, stands us in good stead when clients are searching for quality suppliers. We meet all necessary construction industry HSE regulations including CDM.

PRV Engineering are one of the fastest growing high quality engineering service providers, not only here in the UK, but in mainland Europe too. Our specialist skills in niche markets such as Busbar manufacture, and Deep Hole Drilling, have been key in our expansion. But so too has our metalwork fabrication ability. It has helped us to realise a 20% year on year increase in turnover in the last 2 consecutive years. The fact that we are also able to offer a remote on-site installation facility has also boosted demand.

Operations such as bending heavy gauge steel tube, and welding aluminium sheet, are just two of the specialist skills that our in-house metalwork fabrication department have developed over recent years. That, and PRV’s ability and willingness to invest in state of the art plant and machinery are major factors in our success.

Whether we are working to drawings supplied by others, or we are commissioned to design and fabricate a product ourselves, we always provide the end product that our clients require. We always deliver on time too, an ability for which our clients hold us in the highest esteem.

Being totally self sufficient is the foundation to our success. Whatever the engineering process is, we can do it in house, using our specialised plant, and our highly skilled workforce. Precision machining, turning, milling, sheet metal, metalwork fabrication, painting and installation – we are the complete quality one-stop-shop engineering service provider.

We currently provide our engineering services, and our metalwork fabrication facility into many industries including the aircraft industry, the rail industry, food processing, the chemical industry, and the petrochemical and construction industries. Whatever your metalwork fabrication needs, PRV Engineering will rise to the challenge and provide the right product, at the right time, for the right price. Why not call our sales team now on 01495 789697 and find out more about how we can help you to achieve your goal?

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