Metal fabrication services play a major role in the manufacturing industries sector especially when it comes to producing material handling equipment. Material handling forms one of the most important aspects of manufacturing industries and is used in a number of sectors from steel and mining industries to cement and construction industries.  To manufacture this kind of equipment metal fabrication services are used resulting in the production of various types of material handling equipment such as positioning equipment, and loading equipment. Among the various material handling equipment used today in industries, conveyor systems are perhaps the most important. In this article we will take a look at some of the most important types of sorting conveyor systems being produced by metal fabrication services.

Some of the major types of conveyor systems being used today are –

  • Cross Belt Conveyor Systems – Some of the major advantages of using cross belt conveyor systems include the ability to position sorting points closer to each other, improved quietness, right or left sorting capabilities as well as versatile layouts.
  • Tilt Tray Conveyor Systems – In this system, trays are connected together in a chain. The tray tips on both sides, so material can be dumped into chutes or on the sides. Some of the major advantages of using this conveyor system include lower noise levels and the ability to sort delicate, small or flat items. This type of conveyor system is often used in the publishing industry.
  • Pop-up Belt Conveyor System – In this conveyor system, pop-up sorters sort containers and boxes on either side of the conveyor line. The system works by pulling the heavy boxes or containers at high speeds onto angled spurs. The chain or belt used here in this conveyor system will depend on the load of the package being handled. For instance, for heavy wooden items the conveyor system will use a chain, while for lighter loads, such as cardboard boxes, rubber belts are used.
  • Pop-up Roller Conveyor System – In this conveyor system, the pop-up roller makes use of its own motor for sorting. The roller’s motor runs at speeds higher than the main conveyor. While sorting, the roller grabs the container’s leading edge and then leads it onto a spur.

These are just a few of the most common types of conveyor systems being manufactured by metal fabrication companies such as PRV Engineering though the list is not exhaustive. Some of the other types of conveyor systems include the sliding shoe system, and the tilt slat conveyor system.

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