PRV engineering has always been intrigued and excited by McLaren’s latest developments, new models and design improvements.

Little wonder, therefore, that here at PRV we were all intrigued, once again, to see McLaren under the spotlight with the unveiling of the new McLaren 650S GT3 at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The latest generation track race car is a design success story and has been built to contest the GT3 championships across the globe from the 2015 season. And despite having significant shoes to fill, McLaren GT’s top designers have made sure that it’s built to achieve exactly that.

A typically slick, purposeful-looking racer, the 650S is a second-generation GT3 car and follows in the slipstream of the 12C GT3, which is not only competing in its third competitive season, but has already secured three championship titles, 51 race victories and 71 further podiums.

One of the most interesting facts for us at PRV is the decision to hone the GT3 using CFD technology and the latest in automotive and motorsport simulation. It not only offers enhanced aerodynamics, but improved levels of cooling.

And, wait for it, keeping the cost down has been prevalent during the design and build.

Simon Jones said; “I suppose the first question most enthusiasts will ask, is how?”

A recent article in the manufacturer expanded on this.

‘It has been done through extended component life, including increased engine and gearbox rebuild intervals, together with re-designed components and systems to reduce the costs of parts.

‘Body panel design and fit have also been optimised which will not only minimise pit lane repair times but also aids weight distribution through the use of lighter components.’

As far as safety is concerned, it gets a thumbs up too. Inside the cockpit, the 650S GT3 provides improved levels safety for the driver. Protection offered by the carbon fibre MonoCell chassis is further enhanced with the addition of an FIA-approved rollcage.

Testing of the 650S GT3 will continue throughout the summer with customer car production commencing in the autumn. Pricing for the 650S GT3 has been confirmed – £330,000 ex works, plus tax.

Existing owners of the 12C GT3 are also able to benefit from the updates and enhancements offered by the 650S GT3, due to the use of the shared chassis structure and award winning engine.

This upgrade package further extends the life of existing 12C GT3 cars allowing them to continue racing competitively through a second GT racing life cycle.

For many McLaren GT3 owners, this allows them to race their existing car for an average of six seasons.

Around 15 examples of the 650S GT3 are planned to be produced and delivered for the start of the 2015 season.

With the optional upgrade package for 12C GT3, this could see an additional 15 cars running the new design from next season.

What do you think of the new model? Are you a fan of McLaren GT. Tell us what you think.

Image Copyright: giakita / 123RF Stock Photo

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