Investment is the key to future success; so says Simon Jones, CEO of PRV Engineering, and after all, he should know. PRV Engineering are one of the fastest growing and most successful high precision engineering service providers in the UK. They owe it all to the fact that they are prepared to invest in their own future. In the same way that the government’s education policy was coined as being “education, education, education”, PRV’s philosophy would be coined as “investment, investment, investment!

Staying at the Cutting Edge

The engineering sector is one of the fastest growing technical sectors in the economy. Recent advances in CAD/CAM, and new breakthroughs in programmable software packages are opening new pathways all the time. It’s vitally important that if an engineering company wishes to stay at the cutting edge of its industry, it understands that investment is the key. It must have the latest plant and machinery otherwise it will lose its competitive edge.

Major New Investment Program

The last few months have seen Simon’s belief that investment is the key being put into practice. He has led PRV Engineering in an enormous investment program, costing in excess of £1 million. It’s a venture that will keep his company at the forefront in the high precision engineering market, not just here in the UK, but across mainland Europe too.

5 Axis Machining

5 axis machining is a technology that enables a component to be machined from any direction and angle. It is capable of making the most complex components with the aid of Edge Cam solid modelling. The addition of a new Mazak VTC800/30SR vertical travelling column machining centre, one of the most advanced 5 axis machining centres on the market today, takes PRV’s CNC milling capability to the highest echelon.

Multi-Discipline Machining

The development of multi discipline machining enables a variety of different machining operations to take place on the one machine. The big advantages with multi discipline technology are:

• Less time lost in moving components from machine to machine
• Less risk of damage
• Less rick of loss
• Less time spent in various machine set-ups

It is a much more efficient way of operating. It enables keener pricing through faster processing, both in machining and setting up. The Mazak Integrex i400 Milling/Turning centre is the machine that PRV have opted for. Its versatility, and its extra features include:

• Active Vibration Control
• Intelligent Thermal Shielding.

It’s not only one of the most reliable multi discipline machines available today, it is also one of the most accurate. The complex 5 axis machining program, which PRV handle in-house, is also achieved through Edge Cam Solid Modelling.

Investment is the Key we Must Keep on Turning

Simon Jones and PRV Engineering’s investment plans don’t however stop here. Simon’s philosophy is that investment is the key we must keep on turning to stay ahead of the game. Keep on reading this blog for more exciting news about PRV’s ongoing expansion, not just in size, but in capabilities too.

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