No doubt you will have seen that the High Speed Two (HS2) rail system project has recently been given the go-ahead by the British government.

This new rail line is intended to revolutionise high-speed transport in Britain, reducing travel times between our major cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.  View a map of the rail system here.  Millions of journeys normally taken by road and air could be taken instead by high-speed rail, benefiting the environment as well as the British traveller.

New general secretary Steve Murphy said: “The development of high speed rail will provide a vital shot in the arm to the whole country especially regions which have suffered from under investment for decades.

“The project will create thousands of construction jobs initially while the line is being built and in the long term as these vital improvements in infrastructure will encourage future investment opportunities.”

In this post we’d like to begin exploring the implications of HS2 on the UK Engineering industry.  No doubt this will be a topic we continue to explore as the project develops.

The manufacturing needs of this project will be extensive and complex, requiring the expertise of highly qualified engineering firms to make it a success. Since we founded PRV in 1986 we’ve worked closely with the railroad, automotive, and aircraft industries to produce innovations in transport and this is exactly the kind of expertise that PRV Engineering possesses.

The 225 km length of the HS2 rail system will require an extremely large number of finely engineered parts including bus bars, conductors and copper contacts.  PRV and companies like us will be able to supply these vital and necessary components as well as fit them according to the standards laid out by the EU.  Also engineering firms will be called upon to create solutions that minimise the impact of the line on those living in the communities effected.

While there is still controversy surrounding the manufacturing of this high speed rail line, the benefits will far outweigh any negatives.  The economic stimulus provided by the hiring of companies like PRV Engineering will create numerous jobs for the British people.

Becoming a part of this opportunity now will certainly pay out in the future and we look forward to conversing with you about the HS2 rail line as the project develops.  Why not tell us what you think in the comments below?

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