Considering the advanced industries using gun drilling, it’s evident that production of certain parts requires a reliable, time-efficient and accurate process. Here’s what it all entails and why it’s so important when choosing the right engineering company.

The continued advances in technology have allowed common CNC machining centres equipped with high-pressure through-spindle coolant to be capable of deep hole drilling up to a certain depth-to-diameter ratio. Of course, other considerations include roundness and surface finish as well.

What Is Gun Drilling?

In laymen’s terms, gun drilling is a specialist machining operation that creates holes deeper than ten times the hole’s diameter. These holes can be controlled within very tight tolerances providing exceptional accuracy compared to conventional drilling methods. It is highly advantageous when a project requires high-precision round bores for high-performance end products.

Some of the more common applications for deep hole drilling is in oil and gas exploration equipment, armaments, aerospace equipment and engines. In each of these industries, the quality of the hole needs exact precision with extreme reliability. Examples of where gun drilling plays a major role include the following:

  • landing gear
  • driveshafts
  • steering columns
  • hydraulic rams
  • heated platens
  • plate rolls
  • injection mould tools

The Versatility Of Deep Hole Drilling

Gun drilling has been used for quite some time and it’s been perfected over the last few decades. It can produce highly flexible, accurate and reliable results and suitable for a number of materials, including steel, aluminium, titanium and alloys. Some projects may require custom features for the holes like threading or grooves.

Furthermore, gun drilling can also be used to increase streamlining while reducing the weight of engine parts. Of course, this is greatly beneficial in the aerospace sector to help build more efficient aircraft. Not only that, gun drilling plays a crucial part in oil and gas exploration and extraction. As you can imagine, this industry needs durable, high-capacity tubing that meets the most stringent machining requirements.

Deep hole drilling is a highly specialised field and not many engineering companies have the necessary knowledge, experience or machinery. Here’s what PRV Engineering can do for you.

Gun Drilling Services At PRV Engineering

PRV Engineering combines cutting edge technology and technical ability with a comprehensive deep hole drilling department. They are capable of carrying out gun drilling customer trials, prototypes and pre-production work.

Our engineers and technicians have the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to deliver only the highest levels of accuracy in terms of hole position, diametrical tolerance, surface finish and straightness.

With our ten deep hole drilling machines and related equipment, we have developed a full range of supporting processes. PRV can offer gun drilling as a stand-alone service or a complete manufacturing package providing everything you need at the stage you require.

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Gun Drilling Capabilities

Gun drilling is more than just about making holes as it also involves getting machined, heat-treated and plated. PRV Engineering provides an extensive range of Gun Drills, Ejector Drills and Counter Boring Heads which allow a number of capabilities, technical assistance and on-site drilling services.

Non-cylindrical components include holes from 5mm diameter up to 100mm diameter in any position. Centres of up to 3000mm will depend on the weight and overhang with a maximum of 4 Tonnes. Our on-site drilling services go up to 75mm diameter and 3000mm in length.

Cylindrical components involve holes from 5mm in diameter up to 200mm in any position. For centres up to 5000mm in length, the maximum weight is 4 tonnes.

Final Thoughts

PRV Engineering can manage all of your deep hole drilling and precision engineering requirements as they deliver a “complete, customised service”. They are one of Europe’s top suppliers of precision engineering services as they continue to invest heavily in acquiring and training highly skilled staff and cutting-edge machinery.

They have all the necessary ancillary equipment to provide a thoroughly comprehensive engineering service regardless of your project. To obtain the tightest tolerances throughout the entire manufacturing process, they also have state-of-the-art calibration equipment.

If you have any questions about gun drilling or any of our other services, please leave a comment below or contact them via the website.  You can also join the conversation on social media using the hashtag, #PRVtech. To stay up to date with all the latest in engineering, fabrication and technology, please follow our weekly blog.

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