A recent report Busbar Market indicates that the market size will rise from $12,321.9 million to $16,038.6 million by 2020.

This is largely due to rise in energy demands, the growing construction sector and increased upgrading of electrical infrastructures. Growth in related areas such as switchgear transformers is also contributing to the growth of the busbar market.

Busbars are strips of metal, normally aluminium, brass or copper and are used in the world of electrical power distribution. Whilst made of metal, the purpose of a busbar is not to function as a structural member but to conduct electricity. Switchgear, panel boards and busways all use busbars to convey substantial amounts of electricity, allowing for the flexibility of circuits to branch off in various directions. The size of busbar determines the amount of electrical current they can safely carry and they are used from the smallest of circuit boards to large substations.

The continuing development and research in the area of electric and hybrid vehicles can only add to those growth figures for the busbar market. Their versatility in terms of their various connections and the ease with which they can be installed means that they are easier to slot into new design and development work. The way they handle the power conversion requirements in electric vehicles makes them more effective than other cabling solutions. With every major automotive dealer working on improving their domestic electric vehicle options, increasing development into autonomous HGVs, and research into hybrid small aircraft, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see those estimated growth figures continue to rise after 2020.

PRV Engineering specialise in the use of copper to manufacture all manner of components for the low, medium and high voltage industries including rail rolling stock and trackside electrical components. We provide an array of services and parts to the electrical industry.

PRV Engineering has consistently been a stable and profitable busbar supplier, working in partnership with it’s customers in order to deliver a first class service. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to manufacture your replacement busbars to order, at a cost the original manufacturers cannot match.

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