Finishing with a flourish might sound a little flamboyant. But precision engineering isn’t exactly the sexiest of subjects, so please allow us at PRV Engineering a little leeway, and an opportunity to indulge ourselves!

Finishing any engineering job properly is just as important as any other operation along the production cycle. You’ll have gathered by now that we are talking about engineering finishing rather than simply closing down the job file and archiving it away. No, the sort of finishing that we allude to in this context is painting, both wet paint and electro powder coat.

PRV Engineering have come a long way since our lowly beginnings, when we first set up in 1986 manufacturing tamper proof Lids for the Metal Packaging Industry. We are now one of the leading suppliers of engineering services in Europe, and the journey has been long, and arduous, but ultimately rewarding.

The simple truth of the matter is often “if you want a job doing well – do it yourself”. Actually we mustn’t hark on too much in that vein because we rely on providing sub-contract engineering services, and we don’t want to talk ourselves out of work. But the fact of the matter is that once you sub-contract a job out, you have to delegate a certain amount of control and responsibility. Now when your sub-contractor is us here at PRV Engineering, you’re onto a sure fire winner. The reason is because we care. We care as much about the work we are doing for our clients, as our clients care about it themselves.

Sadly that is not the case with many of our competitors. Most of them simply want to get the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible. But here at PRV Engineering, we have learnt to take the very best of care with every part of the production process, including the work done in our finishing department. You can invest lots of highly skilled labour, and very expensive plant processing a particular job. But if you take a perfectly produced component and apply the wrong type of paint, or you don’t prepare the surface properly, you might as well just throw the item into the bin!

We found out early on, during the growth of PRV Engineering, that the world of sub-contract painting is littered with cowboys. So rather than leaving anything to chance, we made the decision to do it in-house, and our finishing department was born.

But just like anything that PRV Engineering undertakes, it has to be done properly. Our finishing department is now our pride and joy. It houses:

• A 6 metre Shot-blast Room
• Various sizes of Shot-Blast Cabinets
• An Electro Powder Coat Plant
• An large enclosed Wet Spray Area
• A 2.2 cubic metre High Bake Oven

As well as applying the finishes in-house, we also have the equipment, skill, and knowledge to test the quality of the finishing in terms of coating depth, adhesion strength, and longevity. We leave nothing to chance. When you’re one of the top engineering service providers in Europe, you simply can’t afford to.

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