Components that are designed to carry heavy electrical currents all need some form of electroplating if they are to perform effectively. There’s the side effect of an improved decorative look, but the reasons these components are plated are far more important than the look. Electroplating is essential to the functioning of the component. It helps in the following areas

  • reduced corrosion
  • enhanced strength
  • reduced friction
  • increased solderability
  • benefits to conductivity
  • help with paint adhesion

All these things mean a longer lifespan and less risk of failure. Advances in modern technology means that electroplating has become a critical part of the manufacture of components that will have an electrical current passing through them. When it comes to modern technology, in some areas it’s viewed as critical.

Busbars are a typical example. They are widely used and silver or tin plating is an essential part of the finish. Manufacturers of medium or high voltage distribution and transit switchgear, and independent engineering contractors specialising in the maintenance, installation and testing of low voltage, high voltage and extra high voltage electrical plant and equipment all deal with busbars on a daily basis.

In addition the developments in electric vehicles and the ease with which busbars can be made, connected and fitted now means that they are beginning to be viewed as standard parts in an industry that has historically been reliant on cabling.

The Quality of Finishing
Many businesses outsource the final finishing of a product, but here at PRV Engineering the finishing is the final part of the process and is as important to us as everything else.

That’s why we have our own plating facility.

We operate a zero tolerance policy on rejects which underpins everything that we do. Our plating facility is testament to this. We manufacture products which require numerous skills and processes, finishing is the final operation and the quality and standard is of the utmost importance. There is no better way of controlling the quality of the finish than by doing it yourself. We ensure the quality of the finished product remains first class.
There are numerous plating finishes available at PRV; silver, tin, bright copper, zinc, to name but a few. To see a full list of finishes available visit our website.

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