In the majority of instances a busbar is a better choice for conduction needs however the uptake of busbars as standard parts has been somewhat slower than one might imagine when looking at all the benefits they bring. The benefits over cabling in most instances are quite well documented.

  • Versatility both in terms of the various connections and the ease with which busbars are installed and changed means they are quicker and easier to slot into design work
  • Physical costs of installing busbars are lower because they are easier to install and wiring errors are eliminated
  • Busbars can be made to order and between the various different material make-ups there are busbars fit for almost any purpose
  • Busbars allow better thermal management both due to their inherently better connections and also their sleeker design, which allows for greater space for airflow or cooling systems
  • Busbars can connect at right angles, the space saved by using busbars because significant when compared to large bundles of cables required in many projects
  • Because of their modular design busbars can deal with changing energy loads far better than traditional cables
  • Although initial material/part costs may be higher for a busbar solution in the majority of cases the labour saving plus the saving over the lifetime of the materials (such as alterations) will more than recoup that initial outlay

With the expansion of the electronic and hybrid car industry busbars are proving to be a highly effective and popular part of the industry. The challenges posed by integrating electronic power with vehicles beyond the traditional level have been somewhat novel. Busbars have in large part provided the solutions to many of these problems. The ease with which they are switched in and out, their ability to deal with the unique power conversion requirements in Electrical Vehicles and the need for materials with mechanical/structural properties more advantageous than those of cable.

Busbars also offer less resistance than their cable counter parts and easier mounting options. The fact that busbar systems all rely on standard cells helps to eliminate human error and make car maintenance more routine and simple.

Prosche and Audi have both recently announced models of electric car they hope will compete with the Tesla Model S. Mercedes-Benz is using busbars extensively in their Bluetec Hybrid line of vehicles.

Though the switch over to busbars has been slow the electric car industry seems to be helping to push it forward. Though change is slow in the electronics and energy industries it does seem that the change must inexorably push toward busbars. Although standards and installation practices will not change overnight, being on the front foot for the uptake of busbars certainly seems like a shrewd move.

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