Deep hole drilling is beneficial across several applications and requires specialist equipment to maintain the straightness and tolerances. Oil and gas exploration equipment, armaments, aerospace equipment and engines are amongst the common applications for deep hole drilling and machining processes, and in each of these industries hole qualities are necessary for high-performance end products, such as landing gear that easily retracts. It’s a given that production requires deep hole drilling that is reliable, but accurate and time-efficient.Advances in technology allow common CNC machining centres equipped with high pressure through-spindle coolant to be capable of gun drilling up to a certain depth-to-diameter ratio. Other considerations are roundness and surface finish. Here at PRV Engineering  we not only manage all your Deep Hole Drilling and engineering requirements but we deliver a “complete, customised service”. It’s simple. ‘One Answer, Many Solutions’.

Why PRV for Deep Hole Drilling?

PRV not only offers superior workmanship, but personal attention to detail from the start to the finish of your project. As managing director Simon Jones says “Here at PRV we boast years of Deep Hole Drilling experience and have worked closely with a wide range of customers. Our staff are knowledgeable and possess the skills to deliver with high levels of accuracy in terms of hole position, diametrical tolerance, surface finish and straightness.”

How can PRV help you with Deep Hole Drilling?

Using our 10 deep hole drilling machines and related equipment, we have developed a full range of supporting processes. PRV can offer deep hole drilling as a stand-alone service or offer the complete manufacturing package, providing component processes to whatever stage you require.

Jones added; “A few years ago, we noticed we were getting some work from a deep-hole drilling company because customers were not only asking them to just drill holes, but to add more value too. Fortunately, for us, the owner was retiring, so we bought the company.

“In the six years since, we have been getting deep hole drilling work that requires a little bit more than just drilling deep holes! We do the lot, we are a one stop shop. We deep hole drill, machine it all over and get it heat-treated and plated.”

If you have any questions about deep hole drilling or the equipment required, why not post a comment below, contact us via the website or look us up on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Google + or LinkedIn. Or maybe you want to share with us your experience of deep hole drilling.

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