Deep Hole Drilling – The Stuff Dreams are Made of?

Deep hole drilling, (sometimes referred to as Gun-drilling), is a specialist machining operation that requires a specialist engineering company to carry it out. It is used when high precision round bores are crucial. The process produces holes that can be controlled within very tight tolerances. It gives far greater accuracy than conventional drilling methods ever will.

PRV-Engineering are one of the few skilled engineering service suppliers to offer a deep hole drilling facility here in the UK.  The service can be supplied as an integral part of an overall manufacturing project. It can also be offered as a sub-contracted service for clients who either do not have the in-house capability themselves, or who have, but do not have the capacity.

At PRV Engineering the deep hole drilling process is used to produce bores within a range from a 4mm diameter bore to a stunning 320mm diameter bore. When diameters of over 25mm are required, these are best achieved using a similar process known as deep hole boring. Both processes require an investment in specialist plant.

PRV Engineering are one of the top suppliers of precision engineering machining services in Europe. They have got there by dint of their superbly skilled staff, and their willingness to invest in cutting edge plant and machinery. They’ve increased their turnover by a stunning 20% year on year over the last two years. It seems there’s still plenty of demand for top quality workmanship!

Deep hole drilling is performed in one of three ways:

  • The Gun Drill Method
  • The Single Tube Method
  • The Ejector Method

To meet the needs of all of their clients, PRV have acquired 10 deep hole drilling machines. They also have all of the necessary ancillary equipment to be able to provide a thoroughly comprehensive service. In order to ensure that the tightest of tolerances are observed through the deep hole drilling manufacturing process, they have also invested heavily in state of the art calibration equipment.

As proud possessors of some of the best kit on the market today, PRV Engineering can deep hole drill on centres of up to an awesome 2200mm on non cylindrical components, and up to an amazing 6000mm in length on cylindrical components.

PRV Engineering really are the archetypal one-stop-shop engineering machining service provider. It’s being able to perform the out of the ordinary services such as precision deep hole drilling, as well as the everyday services such as turning, milling, sheet metalwork and general fabrication, that sets them apart from many of their peers.

But the thing that really makes PRV Engineering stand out above all else, is their commitment to quality and service. As well as investing in the best machinery, Simon Jones, Managing Director, has pioneered their ethics and ideals towards the attainment of excellence, and it is this that their clients value most.

When you give PRV Engineering the responsibility to provide a product or a service; be it precision deep hole drilling, or designing and manufacturing a complete product, you can sit back and rest, safe in the knowledge that the job will get done; that it will be precisely to specification, and that it will be completed on time. In other words, the stuff that every engineering buyer’s dreams are made of.

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